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Giant Coin (GIC) is a digital currency which is planned to be used as a sole means of payment in various decentralized applications (DApps) based on the Giant blockchain. When establishing the system, the project team made sure to adhere to the ideals of decentralization. In practice, this means no more financial scandals based on the conflict of interests. The Giant Coin network is operated by masternode owners. All masternode owners have made an initial investment of 1000 GIC and thus they are interested in the increase of the system well-being. Various votes will be held to ensure the safe future of the project.

Giant Coin also has its own implementation of the popular Smart Contracts technology based on Javascript. Giant smart contracts have been designed with bets in mind, meaning they will adequately respond to the needs of two planned DApps: Giant.Exchange, a transparent binary options marketplace, and Giant.Bet, a sports betting platform. To test the said smart contracts and their new variants, the Giant team is making a sandbox environment and development kit called Giantjs, see its GitHub page to learn more about its code.

Giant Coin will soon move to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model, meaning that masternode owners and the number of stakes held by each participant will be compared and automatically regulated. This ‘see-saw’ principle comes from Zerocoin whitepaper and the cryptocurrency called PIVX. The move to PoS is backed by several crucial factors: there will be a reduction of block time and the subsequent increase of the speed of transactions, scalability (long-term growth) issues will be solved and, lastly, mining whales will not be able to harm the project economy anymore. Details can be read in a dedicated educational material. An illustrative table which compares the main features of Giant blockchain to other popular products is available in a separate article.

The project roadmap and White Paper are available on our website, more news on short-term and mid-term goals can be found on our Discord server in the #announcements channel.

Coin Specs

• PoW Algorithm: Quark
• Premine: 200,000 GIC • PoW Blocks: 2 - 71400
• PoS Blocks: Starting from 71401
• Block Time: 120 Seconds
• PoW Max Coin Output/Supply: 1,323,000
• PoW Ending: 20th Aug 2018 09:35:08 UTC
• Masternode Requirements: 1,000 GIC
• Maturity: 201 Confirmations
• Prefix: GIC adresses start with the capital letter "G"
• Ports: 40444 (p2p) / 41444 (rpc)

PoW Reward Distribution

Proof of Work block rewards, masternode reward allocation starting at the 9th May 2018

Block HeightReward AmountMasternodesMiners
Block 2 - 500 (ended)0 GIC 00
Block 501 - 20000 (ended)10 GIC 8 GIC2 GIC
Block 20001 - 40000 (ended)15 GIC 12 GIC3 GIC
Block 40001 - 71400 (ended)20 GIC 16 GIC4 GIC

PoS Block Rewards

Proof of Stake will automatically be enabled at block 71401.

Block HeightReward AmountMasternodesStakers
Block 71401 - 262800 (current)20 GIC 16 GIC4 GIC
Block 262801 - 52560010 GIC 8 GIC2 GIC
Block 525601 - 7884008 GIC 6.4 GIC1.6 GIC
Block 788401 - 10512006 GIC 4.8 GIC1.2 GIC
Block 1051201 - 13140004 GIC 3.2 GIC0.8 GIC
Block 1314001 - infinite2 GIC 1.6 GIC0.4 GIC