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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Mar 9, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

Improved NPC management no longer messes up NPC interjections when you change their class
Fixed the crash bug in Diaytha's room
Enemies should use HLAs correctly
WEIDU is now 64-bit
Difficulty widget should now appear properly on non-EE installs
Demiliches are no longer immune to Breach
Fixed an error in the German translation
Fixed various problems caused by Cure Serious Wounds being missing
We now check whether Modmerge is needed
Removed the various DEPRECATED component entries - among other things, this fixes problems with the new cure-wounds component
Planetars should be more obedient and use their spells more intelligently
Fixed various problems with PC-summoned fiends
Smarter Genies should now install correctly on SR installs
Snowball Swarm is now properly blocked by Minor Globe, Rakshasa immunities, et al
Scroll Randomizer now skips the unused 'dancing lights' and 'darkness' scrolls in SoD
The UI-updating code has been refactored - it's much faster, and deals with 3rd-party UI mods better
Difficulty fine-tune option no longer appears on the gameplay screen when a game is not loaded
Pit fiends no longer appear invisible
Boneguards get a name properly

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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Feb 17, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

Interim release collecting fixes and tweaks to date. Changelog from version 8 (probably not complete):

Solved a bunch of problems concerning summoned fiends
Detecting Tome & Blood version of Sequencer
BG1 NPCs now keep their special abilities
Vampires are properly affected by the difficulty slider
Rebalancing of spawn difficulties (among other things, affects vampire spawns)
Summons (Planetars, Efreeti,...) are more obedient
HLAs should work properly
Multiple-spell-turning bug fixed
Davaeorn now equips his robe
Spellhold item-stealing component handles stacks properly
Stripped out evasion effects from IWD spells
Gibberlings no longer get potions
Bodhi gets into combat properly
Better detection of IWD spell scrolls from third-party mods
Adalon uses breath weapons better
Restored compatibility with aTweaks fiends
Lich fear should now work correctly
Doppelganger AI settings correctly labelled

Content changes:
Difficulty widget now merged with UI on EE installs
Ust Natha Demon Lord gets a proper upgrade
Entropy Shield spell tweaks
New EE-only component: Restoration removes ability drain
New EE-only component: thief skills increment in multiples of 5
New component: increased power to cleric cause/cure spells (& priest AI to respond if it's installed)
Less ugly buttons for the thief bonus points in NPC management
Nevaziah's level is less overwhelming
Davaeorn now wears his cloak

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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Jan 10, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release

  • NPCs no longer level up upon being resurrected
  • NPCs no longer leak hit points when repeatedly levelling
  • Monsters should spawn correctly on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty
  • Dispel-magic targetting improved (it should now be used more often and more accurately)
  • Tweaked spell lists and elemental immunities for fiends
  • Enemy spellcasters now use HLAs correctly when Innate HLAs are installed
  • Fixed some significant bugs in the elemental_area_immunity function
  • Tightened the code spawning Baresh's werewolf form
  • Ground piles now moved somewhere more sensible if you install Watcher's Keep early
  • On enhanced edition, Spell Striking wand properly modified
  • Fixed a bug in Protection from Normal Missiles, and taken the opportunity to systematise its effects a bit and document them in the spell better
  • Existing spells that are modified by IWD spells (e.g. Emotion: Hopelessness, Monster Summoning I) now get their scroll descriptions updated.
  • Spellcasting spirit trolls reinstated as default by popular request; other tweaks to d'Arnise keep
  • priests of Umberlee get proper scripts
  • tweaks to Davaeorn spellcasting
  • Fiends, illithids, beholders are detected rather than hardcoded (should help compatibility)
  • Two removed magic weapons restored to 'fine weapons' component
  • support for native version of Perl, as workaround for 32-bit users
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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Dec 6, 2018 · 63 commits to master since this release

Fixes to IWD spells:

  • opposition schools should now be correct
  • Fixes to Cat's Grace, Spiritual Wrath, Seven Eyes, Stalker
  • More general fix for some summoned monster animation oddities
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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Nov 27, 2018 · 67 commits to master since this release

  • fixed a critical bug which caused crashes in areas with Blackguards present (notably AR3022)
  • party-joinable rangers now get their two stars in 2-weapon fighting
  • added a few missing strings to Italian translation
  • fixed some minor glitches with Ease-of-Use AI
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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Nov 26, 2018 · 71 commits to master since this release

  • Updated Italian translation, thanks to improb@bile
  • Improved NPC Customisation copes better with malformed CLAB files (which inter alia fixes the problem with Archer Called Shots going missing)
  • Sarevok death movie should now play on EET
  • fixed some glitches in the new difficulty system (one of which was blocking completion of the Merchant League quest in Baldur's Gate)
  • Cause Wounds no longer restricted by alignment
  • use restrictions for scrolls properly handled
  • minor fixes to smarter mages/priests, mostly improving handling of Innocent spellcasters
  • fine-tuning of ranged AI
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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Nov 22, 2018 · 79 commits to master since this release

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed a critical bug in the NPC customization component that was preventing NPCs from pursuing their stories. (NB: this fix isn't retroactive, so NPCs who joined your party under RC3 or earlier are permanently silent. Apologies for this; I warned you these were release candidates, not stable releases.)
  • Substantial rewriting of the help script to (I hope!) deal with the persistent reports of contagious help calls.
  • Complete rewriting of the random-scroll code (it now applies to BG2EE as well as BGEE)
  • Beetle animations are now present on non-SoD installs
  • Fixed incomplete implementation of NPC-potion distribution on EE
  • More robust patching of cures into stores for IWD divine spells (this should help with SR compatibility issues)
  • Pure-damage mephit effects no longer break concentration on EE if you are 100% immune to the damage type
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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Nov 20, 2018 · 88 commits to master since this release

Second, hopefully-successful, try to get SSL to work on OSX
Non-English-language installs should now work
IWD Arcane Spells should now install properly even when some other mod has already added an IWD spell
Misc fixes to IWD spell-scroll distribution
NPC customisation now works properly when the PC is still first level
NPC customisation now gives creatures 10hp at start, not 1hp (the latter confuses various NPC pre-join scripts, notably causing Aerie to vanish)
NPC customisation is now more likely to cope with broken cre files in badly-coded NPC mods
Fixed other more minor glitches with NPC Customisation
Restored Davaeorn's AI, and fixed a bunch of other mage-AI issues shown up in the fix
Tweaks to the mage/priest AI for SRv4final
Fixes to acid-storm tonedown and to spell use if IWDification is being used rather than native IWD spells
Fixed minor compile bug on BG1NPC enforces
Stopped ranged creatures from wandering
Less misleading description of Stoneskin component
Fixed minor glitch in cleric/mage sequencer script
Fiends in Chain Contingency now summoned properly
Missing ini entry for elemental-arrow tonedown restored
Metadata in ini updated as per AlienQuake request

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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Nov 17, 2018 · 116 commits to master since this release

This update:

  • allows SCS to install on OSX
  • fixes a critical bug with Improved NPC Customisation and Management which in some circumstances would cause the player to level uncontrollably
  • prevents duplicate entries being removed from stats.ids by Detectable Spells (among other things, this allows SCS to be installed after Tweaks IWD proficiencies without errors)
  • gives the correct names to summoned orcs and hobgoblins on BG1EE installs
  • removes a (harmless) missing-high-level-ability warning on BG1EE installs
  • ensures the CONTINGENCY_TRIGGERED string is added to splstate.ids (under certain circumstances it could be absent on BG1EE installs, causing parse errors)
  • as of 11/15 9am PST, fixes the critical bugs introduced in the earlier version of RC2
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@DavidMWWallace DavidMWWallace released this Nov 14, 2018 · 117 commits to master since this release

Provisional version of v32.

(Provided retroactively as I didn't understand the release system originally.)

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