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A bash utility that logs the lines of code in a git repo over the years
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A bash script that logs the lines of code in a git repo over the years.

To install, simply run the installation script as root. By default, codeovertime is installed to /usr/local/bin/

cloc must be installed to count lines of code. It is available in most default repositories. Run sudo apt install cloc to install it on Ubuntu.

Run codeovertime from any git repository and it will find the last commit of every year in the repositories history, check it out, and count the lines of code.


-g, --graph: If gnuplot is installed, it will outplut a plot of the data to the terminal

-j, --json: The program will output a json object containing the data

Use this if you want to run codeovertime on a series of repositories and aggregate the results.

Ideally this would be run in a clean directory for neatness. Otherwise you have to manually git pull all the repos back up to date. Fill in the repositories you want to use and run the script. A series of JSON files will be output to the location the script was run from.


This has been tested witn Ubuntu 18.04. It seems to work OK with WSL as well. There have been difficulties getting this to work on OSX.

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