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🎨πŸ–₯🐧 My System Configuration Files
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Latest commit f1c88bf Oct 8, 2019
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.config added spotifyd Oct 8, 2019
.mutt url viewing for neomutt Apr 24, 2019
.weechat added nicklist Feb 13, 2019
Firefox Changed tab highlight color Aug 22, 2019
Scripts aded checks for installed programs Jul 27, 2019
.Xresources changed font Mar 23, 2019
.bashrc first push Dec 28, 2018
.gitmodules qutebrowser themed with pywal Jul 29, 2019
.radare2rc Changed r2 asm syntax again Jun 2, 2019
.urlview url viewing for neomutt Apr 24, 2019
Packages.txt added list of installed packages Jul 26, 2019 Update Jul 5, 2019


My System Configuration Files

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