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Similar Alerts Manager - provides a way to see what alerts were firing at the same time historically. You can find more information here.


The goal of SAM is to implement a similar kind of functionality that New Relic has when it shows what other alerts were firing around the same time.


  • Shows all related alerts of any alert
  • Shows the information of an alert according to its hash
  • Shows when the internal database was last updated
  • Survives restarts through Redis

Command line arguments

Name Default value Purpose Example
--elasticsearch ES instance
--addr :9888 API listen address
--redis Redis instance
--cacheinterval 5 Interval between cache uploads in seconds 25
--esinterval 10 ES check interval in seconds 33
--esindex alertmanager ES index name foobar



Main use-case


A Docker image is available with SAM. Pull it down and run it with:

$ docker pull stag1e/sam:latest
$ docker run --rm -it -p 9888:9888 stag1e/sam --elasticsearch '' --redis ''