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GiftFlow is an open-source web platform that makes it easy for communities to give and share their extra resources.
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Version 0.2 1-23-2013


Giftflow is a web application where people can share resources, meet each others' needs and reduce waste, all without spending money. is no longer running. To learn more about the project, you can visit these links

Huffington Post

Fast Company


The source code for this project was released per request of the users. We put it here so people can deploy their own gift economy web site, and so that developers can continue to contribute and discuss the future of this application.

If you would like to get involved please join the discussion in our mailing list.

If you are looking to contribute or need help setting up a development environment, see the Development Wiki.



This application is based on the CodeIgniter (version 2.0.0) framework which requires the following:

  • Apache with 'mod_rewrite' and 'mcrypt' modules enabled.

  • PHP 5.3 or newer with the 'GD' or 'iMagick' extensions. Depending on your PHP version, you might need to set date.timezone to something like 'America/New_York' in your php.ini file.

  • MySQL 5.1 (5.5 is not recommended due to a LEFT JOIN parsing bug)


Database setup

In MySQL create a database called 'gift'. Import the database structure from 'database/stable/gift.sql', and the default values from 'database/stable/defaults.sql'. If you need to populate the database with test data, see the Development Wiki.

Application files

  • In the application/config directory copy secrets.empty.php to secrets.php and populate it with the values it needs.

  • .htaccess - If you are installing this in a place different then your web root, you might need to change your RewriteRule accordingly.

  • uploads/ - Make sure this directory has writable so it can accept photo uploads. The same needs to be done for uploads/thumb/.

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