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DOI Definition

TEAP stands for "Toolbox for Emotional feAture extraction from Physiological signals". This toolbox is dedicated to researchers who want to easily extract features from physiological signals.

We aim to create an open source platform that can be further extended by the community with the goal of advancing the field of affective physiological signal analysis. We developed TEAP in MathWorks MATLAB but it also works with Octave, its free alternative. TEAP is able to pre-process and extract features from multiple central and peripheral physiological signals including: electroencephalogram (EEG), galvanic skin response (GSR), electrocardiogram (ECG), blood volume pulse (BVP), skin temperature, respiration pattern and electromyogram (EMG). New physiological channels can be easily added to this toolbox and the implemented statistical and time-frequency analysis functions can be applied on any signal.

It is open source and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). This makes TEAP a completely free and customizable solution.

Documentation and more information

Please have a look at our website


If you are using TEAP please cite:

Soleymani, M., Villaro-Dixon, F., Pun, T., & Chanel, G. (2017). Toolbox for Emotional feAture extraction from Physiological signals (TEAP). Frontiers in ICT, 4.