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Welcome to the Exoplanet Population Observation Simulator! The documentation will be hosted here

What is this repository for?

This repository hosts the EPOS source code

How do I get set up?

Summary of set up

You can install the latest version of epos with:

pip install epospy

And you should be ready to go!

Alternatively, download the source, preferably using git

git clone https://github.com//GijsMulders/epos

Then you can update to the latest version with

git pull

You can run EPOS from the main directory or add the EPOS/ directory to your path.


As of version 1.0.2, there is no configuration if you installed via pip and dependencies should be automatically resolved.


  • python 2.7
  • numpy 1.13+
  • scipy
  • matplotlib 2.0+
  • emcee for the MCMC fitting
  • corner.py for the MCMC plots
  • astropy

How do I learn how to use EPOS?

The best way is to run the test and example scripts as described in the documentation

Where can I find documentation?

EPOS is described in Mulders et al. 2018 The documentation is hosted at readthedocs

Who do I talk to?