An app that you can use to search movies.
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This is a movie SPA (Single Page Application) built with create-react-app using The Movie Database API. My goal with this project was to create a movie dashboard app where you can search,sort and filter movies using real data as well as getting a quick overview of each movie.

View Demo


Besides filtering, sorting and searching, there are others features I implemented in this project, below I provide a list of some very popular libraries that I used to make things easier.

  • lodash to create the pagination component
  • axios for the http request
  • react-toastify to show a message in the UI in case of unexpected errors
  • react-router-dom to handle routing
  • react-reveal for the fade in animation effect

there other libraries that I used but the listed above are the main ones, you can always see the rest in the package.json file.


The code is open source and available under the MIT License.

Coded by Gilbert Rosario.