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Welcome to GAwesomeBot, the best Discord Bot! GAwesomeBot is the best all-purpose bot you'll find out there, packed with features in entertainment, utility and more, GAwesomeBot was designed to bring more activity to your server, while keeping control over it all with a rich web interface and advanced, but elegant moderation features. Give GAwesomeBot a try now!


This branch currently tracks a rewrite of GAB that will ultimately lead to GAB v4.1. You can contribute by opening pull requests as long as your commits follow our eslint rules. Remember that this version is in development, and as such code or features currently in the repo are unstable and may be modified and/or removed at any time in the future.

Stability Status Version Branch

This code of GAB runs in the development Version Branch. All code, features and apis are under development, and can not be considered finished or stable in any form. Code from this branch is not pushed to any GAB instances, and the maintainer Updater is disabled unless overridden for debugging purposes. This code should not be used for production, or testing. Instead, this code should only be used to contribute to the development of GAB, by making Pull Requests. Bug reports are currently ignored due to the early stage of development.