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A lightweight easy-to-use ProcessingJS extension, for advanced sketch integration in your webdesign...

Update 2017 : It's not relevant anymore, go to p5.js instead !

Why ?

Because ProcessingJS is a great tool to display a Processing sketch online, and it's a great html5 IDE too.
But when it comes to integrate a sketch in a complex webdesign, it can become really painful.
A processingJS sketch is not responsive at all, nor will it display fullscreen, and just put an html overlay above it and you'll lose all mouse/touch inputs.
You may find solutions for all that online, but what if you could do it all with only one Javascript line, directly in your sketch ?

What ?

jProcessingJS is a lightweight Javascript library (3.64 Ko minified), that extends the default ProcessingJS behaviours.
It come as a ProcessingJS extension, and allows you to easily :

  • make your sketch fullscreen
  • make your sketch responsive
  • keep mouse/touch interactions even with an html overlay
  • optimise some Math methods (as done by jspeed)

How ?

Just place jprocessingjs.min.js next to the official processing.js lib, and import it in your html header as usual.
Then you'll have access to a new method that replaces the size() method in your sketch's setup().

For a fullscreen sketch just write in your sketch's setup() :

jProcessingJS(this, {fullscreen:true});

For a responsive sketch, replace the size() instruction with :

jProcessingJS(this); // responsive is the default behaviour

then you might scale your sketch using CSS targeted to your canvas (width:100% for exemple).

To enable mouse/touch interaction even with an html overlay above your sketch :

jProcessingJS(this, {mouseoverlay:true});

Of course you may mix several parameters :

jProcessingJS(this, {fullscreen:true, mouseoverlay:true});

will give you a fullscreen responsive sketch, with mouse/touch interaction through an html overlay !

If you'd like to optimize some Math methods, you may use :

jProcessingJS(this, {optmath:true});

It will upgrade round(), floor(), abs() and min() methods with bitwise operations (brought from jspeed).

Where ?

Just put one line of code in your sketch's setup() section !
The use of jProcessingJS() will do what size() used to do (but better), so you'll have to remove size() from your sketch.
Or at least call jProcessingJS() after you used size(), it'll override it.

Who ?

I'm Gildas P., a french webdesigner.
I've spent some time playing with ProcessingJS, and found it great... and greater after some JS tinkering !

Live examples ?

Of course !
Most of it is in French, but it talks by itself :
You can view the fullscreen example here, too.
You may also download the examples here, in the example folder, or download the zip file.

More ?

There's more to come.
I'm currently working on advanced image preloading, in order to be able to play some basic sketch while loading, and the real stuff once it's done.
Another usefull thing would be to start the sketch only when the audio files are loaded too, for example... or any other assets you'd need in your sketch.
Obviously I'll have to deal with webfonts the same way, which is far more complicated.
Wait'n see !




A lightweight easy-to-use ProcessingJS extension, for advanced sketch integration in your webdesign...







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