Arduino-Assisted Xylophone Player
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Arduino-Assisted Xylophone Player

This contraption was presented as one of the twenty submissions at the Science Hack Day San Francisco 2018 event. It received the People’s Choice Medal award.


Build a robotic music machine that plays xylophone, drinking glasses, or drums, to help solo singers and instrument players. Make it Open Source (HW + SW).


Autonomous Selection of diferent musics Self-contained Easy to transport Easy to use

Software Used

Hardware Used

  • ESP8266
  • Adafruit 16-Channel, 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver, I²C Interface,PCA9685
  • 4 TowerPro SG92R micro servo
  • 2 plastic chopsticks from a restaurant in Beijing
  • Power supply: Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz; Output 5V, 2A

Possible Improvements

All functionalities accessible from a smartphone app Add more arms to play more notes simultaneously Add more arms to play drums, bells, etc., simultaneously Synchronize with other instruments using MIDI connection

Picture of first prototype