Ultima 4 NES Randomizer
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Ultima 4 NES Randomizer

Download all the files and put them into the same directory. If you have a .cfg file from older versions delete it. This requires Java 1.6 or later and the Ultima 4 NES Rom. See the FAQ for usage.

New in ver 1.1:

  • You can now start as Avatar
  • You can now add a sea border to generated maps (to make them smaller)
  • You can now include the chests at Empath Abbey and the Lyceaum for item shuffling
  • You can now randomize initially known spells, as well as specifically exclude Heal and Blink
  • You can now add gold to each gold chest
  • Also fixed a UI bug.
  • There is a known UI inconsistency where the flag order in the UI and the flag order in the generated ROM will be different. This may be fixed in a future version.