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Ultima 4 NES Randomizer

Download all the files and put them into the same directory. If you have a .cfg file from older versions delete it. This requires Java 1.6.1 64-bit version or later and the Ultima 4 NES Rom. See the FAQ for usage.

New in ver 2.0

  • Eliminate Hawkwind's questionaire and start as a character of your choice (or a random character).
  • Randomize character join requirements (they now ask you to find stones, items, herbs, etc before joining you).
  • Combat Redesign: Attacks are divided into magical and physical components; some enemies now have 100% physical defense
  • Boss mode: Access to all stone rooms are blocked by at least one boss room with strong enemies
  • Eliminate the need for herbs to be found on new moons
  • Eliminate Spells Unlimited (spells are put into your spellbook once you find its spell teacher; no need to inscribe it at Spells Unlimited)
  • Quarterlife challenge: You and your character's HP levels are cut to 1/4 what they were in the original game
  • Fixed the spell learning bug

New in ver 1.7

  • Seed Ranks: A seed is now ranked according to its difficulty. You can see your rank in the end credits.
  • Selling weapons and armor now give you the proper amount of gold
  • Levelling up multiple times increases your stats appropriately
  • The Shepherd EXP bug is now fixed
  • The credits section now gives credits to important people in the making of this randomizer

New in ver 1.62

  • Sailors can now be flagged as tough (the wrong monster, probably some villager, was being made tough instead)
  • The final room in the abyss does not allow you to regenerate mana if all encounter rooms and/or all dungeon floors are cursed
  • I am requiring use of a 64-bit JVM to run this to better enforce that the same seeds output the same ROMS.

New in ver 1.61 (Cheater edition)

  • You can now output a spoiler list for the search spot items
  • Several bugfixes, namely having to do with softlocks, duplicate items, and an incorrectly coded softlock detector

New in ver 1.6

  • You can now include the Altar Keys and the item recieved for turning in the scale in item randomization.
  • You can now turn off step cooldowns for meditation and turning in the scale.
  • You can now start off with Partial Avatarhood in any number of virtues (or a random number of virtues)
  • You can now take your entire party into the Abyss.
  • You can now "curse" encounter rooms, dungeon floors, or entire dungeons (see FAQ for details).
  • The starting location softlock bug should be fixed now.
  • The View spell is now more robust in its ability to find items you have not yet collected.

New in ver 1.51 (bugfix edition):

  • The game no longer resets if you say "no" to a stone guard, useful runes no longer bugs the game out if you set random virtues, randomizing encounter rooms will actually produce a ROM, the View spell will properly tell you how many stones are in each dungeon if dungeons are not randomized, the View spell will simply tell you how many stone rooms are in a dungeon if stone locations are randomized, and the 2 villagers at the top of Vesper don't reset the game

New in ver 1.5:

  • Useful Runes: Puts a stair case in each shrine to the corresponding stone in their respective dungeons
  • Encounter room flags: You can randomize the encounter rooms and/or the encounter room enemies
  • You can now turn off random encounters on the overworld.

New in ver 1.4:

  • You can now shrink the size of the overworld map from 256x256 to 128x128.
  • You can now include the dungeon stones in item randomization.

New in ver 1.31:

  • The source of the Negate bug has been found and eliminated
  • The source of the forest walk bug has been found and eliminated
  • You can now randomize all of your virtues to distinct, random values (rather than have all of them at the same value)
  • Updated UI suggests Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Finalist flags (much like Zelda 2 randomizer)

New in ver 1.3:

  • You can now shorten the Abyss
  • You can now randomize where shops are found
  • You can now take advantage of a modified View spell, which lists the number of chests and stones on each floor of the dungeon you are currently in
  • Fixed the Basil and Calumney text bugs
  • Stone room stair exits now work, and I can no longer reproduce the Negate bug
  • Improved map generation significantly reduces invisible mountains and makes the map a little less square

New in ver 1.2:

  • You can set the balloon to be next to Castle Britannia (instead of outside Hythloth)
  • Calumney of Yew gives the proper location for Manroot and Basil of Moonglow gives you the proper location for Fungus
  • You can now randomize enemy attacks
  • You can now randomly make enemies tougher (25, 50, or 75% of the game's enemies have thier HP, attack and defense tripled and give 5x the EXP)
  • You can now randomize the spells given to you by spell-teaching villagers
  • The Black Stone of Humility can be picked up at anytime; no need to wait for new moons

Known bugs and issues:

  • Do not pick up the Robe if your inventory is full, or the game will get very angry with you
  • A bug sometimes happens with visibility zones around Castle Britannia
  • Casting the Wind spell with a short spell list causes a known visual artifact
  • Shrinking the map causes a known "fog" effect at the edge of the map that causes your sprite to disappear (if you are the ship or walking around; this bug does not occur for the balloon).
  • The blacksmith in Minoc can be a bit curt when he gives you the item for turning in the scale. Busy, busy blacksmith and all that.

Note: Some interest was expressed in the source code for this Rando. I have uploaded the lastest java file. I use launch4j to build the downloadable Windows executable; feel free to look at/play with/suggest bug fixes.


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