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A PowerShell agent to build DevOps workflows
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Execute PowerShell scripts via an ASP.NET Web API endpoint

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The SpiderCrab agent installs a Windows service.

Install with Chocolatey

choco install spidercrab -y

A local security group SpiderCrab Operators is created. Grant users and groups permissions to invoke scripts by adding them here.


Modify SpiderCrab.Agent.exe.config to specify:

  • the port that Web API listens on (don't forget to open the incoming port if you have a firewall enabled)

Modify the Windows service entry to configure:

  • the account the service runs as (you will probably have to configure urlacl for accounts other than Local System)


If you have followed the steps above, you will now have a Web API endpoint that will accept PowerShell scripts when sent to http://{machine-name}:9990/api/agent per the following example:

  "correlationId": "{any string value}",
  "scriptBlock": "Get-Process | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name -Unique"

or, if you prefer XML:

  <CorrelationId>{any string value}</CorrelationId>
  <ScriptBlock>Get-Process | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name -Unique</ScriptBlock>

Next steps

  • Hook into your service desk application to automate customer requests
  • Automate DevOps tasks: collect script parameters and approvals in your workflow system ( SharePoint, K2, etc.) then call out to SpiderCrab to spin up environments in Azure or VMWare
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