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πŸ“±πŸŒ¦ Android application to monitor PWS (Personal Weather Station).
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PWSWatcher is an open-source Android app used to monitor a PWS (Personal Weather Station) given the link of its real-time updated .xml file.
There was already another application for the same purpose, but no updates have been released since 2013, so I decided to develop one for anyone who wanted to monitor weather stations.

Table of contents

Getting started


Get it on Google Play

OR you can download the latest .apk file here.
Note: To install the .apk file on your Android device, you may have to allow app installation from "Unknown Sources".


Monitor source from app

Head into settings
and add a new source
Check if the source
has been added
Select the source
from main page
Add source Source added Select source

Add a new widget

Find the widget
and place it
Select a source
to monitor
Resize the widget
Place the widget Select source Resize widget



If there are any problems or you need any help feel free to contact me at
You can also reach me on my website.


All the icons I used in the app are downloaded from FlatIcon.
The authors of the icons are:

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