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My own public branches for plumed2
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This repository contains my own public branches.

To get the official plumed versions, please refer to the repository at

Below you can see the content of the local branches. These branches might be merged to official plumed repository as soon as they are ready for production.

  • gio-master: This README file.

  • v2.0-hrex: An implementation of Hamiltonian replica exchange for GROMACS. There is an alternate GROMACS patch and a script to edit topologies. Both are preliminary and might not work with all GROMACS settings. If you with to use it, I suggest you to get in touch with me (

  • v2.1-hrex: Same as v2.0-hrex, but based on PLUMED 2.1. See comments above.

  • v2.0-plumed1: An extra module (src/plumed1) which, in combination with the development version of PLUMED 1.3, can be used to emulate collective variables and biases in PLUMED 2. Notice that not all the features are supported (e.g. replica exchange is not supported), and that efficiency is poor. Mostly to be used to test when porting variables.

These branches are not maintained since they were already merged to official plumed repository:

  • v2.0-gpu-balance: Modified gromacs patch which allows for a better load balance with GPUs
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