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Thanks to everyone who has starred the project, it means a lot!

Plugin to handle routes in fastify automatically based on directory structure.

📰 Full Documentation


🚀 Install

npm install --save fastify-autoroutes

📘 Usage

Register plugin

const fastify = require('fastify')
const server = fastify()

server.register(require('fastify-autoroutes'), {
  dir: './<autoroutes-directory>', // relative to your cwd

Create file in autoroutes directory

//file: `<autoroutes-directory>/some/route.js`
//url:  `http://your-host/some/route`

export default (fastifyInstance) => ({
  get: {
    handler: async (request, reply) => 'Hello, Route'

Using typescript support for module

//file: `<autoroutes-directory>/some/route.ts`
//url:  `http://your-host/some/route`

import { FastifyInstance } from 'fastify'
import { Resource } from 'fastify-autoroutes'

export default (fastify: FastifyInstance) => <Resource> {
  get: {
    handler: async (request: FastifyRequest, reply: FastifyReply) => 'Hello, Route!'

Accepts params in autoroutes

ℹ️ file/directory name must follow syntax :paramName or {paramName}

//file: `<autoroutes-directory>/users/{userId}/photos.js`
//mapped to: `<your host>/users/:userId/photos`

export default (fastifyInstance) => ({
  get: {
    handler: (request, reply) => {
      reply.send(`photos of user ${request.params.userId}`)

▶️ Route module definition

Method specification for attributes is available here: Method specification

ℹ️ attributes url and method are dynamically provided

Allowed attributes mapped to Http methods in module:

  • delete
  • get
  • head
  • patch
  • post
  • put
  • options

▶️ Skipping files

to skip file in routes directory, prepend the . or _ character to filename


├── .ignored-directory
├── _ignored-directory
├── .ignored-js-file.js
├── _ignored-js-file.js
├── .ignored-ts-file.ts
├── _ignored-ts-file.ts
├── ignored-js-test.test.js
└── ignored-ts-test.test.ts

⚠️ also any *.test.js and *.test.ts are skipped!

this is useful if you want to have a lib file which contains functions that don't have to be a route, so just create the file with _ prepending character

📄 License

Licensed under MIT


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Giovanni Cardamone

💻 📖 💡 🚧



This project follows the all-contributors specification.

Contributions of any kind welcome!