Shortcuts to send hex value of the layer's fill, border and text color to Aquarelo.
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Aquarelo Sketch Plugin

A Sketch Plugin to send HEX color to Aquarelo app.

Aquarelo Sketch Plugin preview


Watch how it works - (9,2Mb).


Aquarelo is required. Downlaod your copy


Download and extract the contents of this repository. Then double-click the Aquarelo.sketchplugin bundle to install the plugin. (Sketch 43 or later is required).


  1. Select one layer (text or shape) and run an action in the plugin menu.
  2. Aquarelo will open and send the selected color automatically.
  3. In Aquarelo set HEX format and click on color to copy in clipboard.
  4. Paste in Sketch your color.


This plugin also works with Runner. Runner support preview

Issues or ideas

If you have any problems, or ideas, please open an issue! Send your feedback via website.

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