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Gadfly is a system for plotting and visualization written in Julia. It is based largely on Hadley Wickhams's ggplot2 for R and Leland Wilkinson's book The Grammar of Graphics. It was Daniel C. Jones' brainchild and is now maintained by the community. Please consider citing it if you use it in your work.

Package features

  • Renders publication quality graphics to SVG, PNG, Postscript, and PDF
  • Intuitive and consistent plotting interface
  • Works with Jupyter notebooks via IJulia out of the box
  • Tight integration with DataFrames.jl
  • Interactivity like panning, zooming, toggling powered by Snap.svg
  • Supports a large number of common plot types


The latest release of Gadfly can be installed from the Julia REPL prompt with

julia> Pkg.add("Gadfly")

This installs the package and any missing dependencies. From there, the simplest of plots can be rendered to your default internet browser with

julia> using Gadfly
julia> plot(y=[1,2,3])

Now that you have it installed, check out the Tutorial for a tour of basic plotting and the various manual pages for more advanced usages.