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This package provides some basic utilities for working with hexagonal grids. It is largely works from Amit Patel's terrific refererence.


Hexagonal grids can be indexed a number of different ways. Indexes are represented with one of the Hexagon types. The following are currently provided:

HexagonAxial(q, r)
HexagonCubic(x, y, z)
HexagonOffsetOddR(q, r)
HexagonOffsetEvenR(q, r)

One indexing system can be converted to another with convert.

convert(HexagonOffsetOddR, HexagonAxial(2, 4))

The six points (in cartesian space) of a hexagon can be iterated through with points.

for (x, y) in vertices(HexagonAxial(2, 3))
    # ...

The center point can be obtained with center

x, y = center(HexagonAxial(2, 3))

A point in cartesian space can be mapped to the index of the hexagon that contains it with the cube_round function.

h = cube_round(23.5, 4.67)


This library is not mature or complete, but provides just enough to implement hexagonal bin visualizations. If your hexagon project requires something that's not provided, file bug or pull request.