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This repository has been archived by the owner on Nov 8, 2023. It is now read-only.

Releases: Giovix92/twrp_device_xiaomi_tissot

2.1 Bugfix update

10 Nov 15:00
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Bugfix for 2.0!
What's new in this version:

  • Fixed error 28 and 13, this led to some issues while doing a clean installation.
  • Restored active slot install functionality, now it's fully working.

2.0 Update

18 Oct 21:54
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Major update!
What's new in this version:

  • Fixed all kind of problems while flashing:
    • Error 51, 15, 31, 17, 35 (postinstall)
    • Unability to make a clean flash
  • Removed changelog section from Tissot Manager
  • Added ADB God Mode
  • Added missing binary, required in order to let selinux changer work properly
  • Now the 2 new checkboxes won't stay checked anymore after any zip install
  • Added system remount to r/w after zip flash in order to flash multiple zips in the same recovery session (like ROM + magisk + gapps and then reboot)
  • fixed linker problem that was causing some options in Tissot Manager to fail
  • smoother experience

First release

01 Oct 15:51
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First release.
TWRP based on 3.3.1-0 with Tissot Manager, powered by TWRP.

  • Optional TWRP Survival
  • Ability to install into same slot
  • Ability to repartititon to Treble and vice versa
  • More features coming!