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A simple time tracker format for tracking project hours in a plain text format
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:: about

TimeTracker is a simple text based solution for tracking hours spent on projects.

TimeTracker works off a proprietary file extension but is stored in plain text. To get the full text highlighting and functionality automatically save your files with a .time extension. Everything still works if you manually set the file space to TimeTracker, but the file extension on the file will automatically tell TextMate to use the TimeTracker mode & highlighting.

:: commands

  • ⌘⇧N - Now: Inserts the current time rounded to the nearest 5 minutes.
  • ⌘⇧A - Add: Inserts a new line item and automatically inserts the start time.
    • Alternately, use -⇥ to insert a new item.
  • ⌘⇧T - Tally: Tally's the time in the document. Will update already tallied items.
    • Tallies are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.
    • Tallies will default to a minimum of 15 minutes unless they are 0.
  • ⌘⇧C - Clean: Cleans up the tallied time in the document.
  • ⌘⇧H - Help: Displays this help page.

Legend: ⇥ = tab, ⌃ = control, ⇧ = shift, ⌘ = command

:: example

The easiest way to demonstrate it might be to show examples.

While recording data:

# My Project
- my first task [8a-12p] 
    - a note about this task
- my second task [1-3:05p,4p-5p]

# My Other Project
- another task [1.25]

Use Command-Shift-T to tally the time:

# My Project
- my first task [8a-12p] (4.0)
    - a note about this task
- my second task [1-3:05p,4p-5p] (3.0)
  project: 7.0

# My Other Project
- another task [1.25] (1.25)
  project: 1.25

  total: 8.25

:: known bugs

  • A lot of things will change. It is OK to save the data in a non-tallied state, but don't save the data in a tallied state yet. Too much might change that may make old files hard to read/manage.
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