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Visual editor for VMT files used in Source Engine
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VMT Editor version

Official website

User Guide

Visual editor for .vmt files, written in C++ and Qt.


The Windows releases include all dependencies, just extract the zip and launch the editor!


  • Simple and fast VMT creation with parameters separated in groups
  • Parameter and texture validation for existing VMT files
  • Support for VMT templates
  • Automatic conversion of bitmaps to VTF, including smart alpha channel removal and renaming
  • Automatic sorting of dropped bitmaps
  • One click reconversion of all bitmaps used in the VMT
  • Support for combining diffuse or normal map with a custom alpha channel - used for specular or reflection masks
  • Batch VTF and VMT creation
  • Blend tool texture generation, including support for 4 way blend and blend modulate
  • Support for latest CS:GO parameters such as layer blend

OS Support

Windows is primarily supported because we rely on VTFCmd.exe (see link below) to convert VTFs to images files, so they can be used in the preview.

But you can compile on macOS or Linux for yourself, and pretty much everything besides the texture preview will work.

How to compile yourself

We are using Qt 5.6 and MinGW 5.3.0 for compiling (but newer versions should work as well).

  • Download the community edition setup of Qt
  • Install Qt Creator and MinGW (Qt setup handles this)
  • Clone this project and open in Qt Creator
  • (optional) Place DevIL.dll, VTFCmd.exe and VTFLib.dll in the executable folder (from Nem's tools) for texture preview

Or skip the GUIs and compile through qmake directly.

You can open the example VMTs in the misc/vmt folder to check if everything works correctly.


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