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command-line tool to download comics and manga in pdf/epub/cbr/cbz from a website
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Comics Downloader

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Supported Sites

Getting Started


Download the latest release:

Put the script under a folder.


You can invoke the --help:

  -country string
        Set the country to retrieve a manga, Used by MangaRock
  -format string
        Comic format output, supported formats are pdf,epub,cbr,cbz (default "pdf")
  -url string
        Comic URL or Comic URLS by separating each site with a comma without the use of spaces

Multiple URLs

Without url parameter:

./comics-downloader url1 url2 url3

With url parameter:

./comics-downloader -url=url,url2,url3

Specify the format output

available formats:

  • pdf
  • epub
  • cbr
  • cbz

Default format is pdf.


./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -format=epub

Config file

To avoid to specify everytime the output format you can create a config.yaml file in the same path of the executable.

Add the string below and substitute "cbr" with your preferred format.

NOTE: if --format or -format is specified, the value in config.yaml will be ignored.

default_output_format: "cbr"

Built With


Feel free to submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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