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Collaborative & Open-Source CI/CD platform for ML teams

Giskard creates interfaces for humans to inspect and test AI models

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About Giskard

Giskard creates interfaces for humans to inspect & test AI models. It is open-source and self-hosted.

Giskard lets you instantly see your model's prediction for a given set of feature values. You can set the values directly in Giskard and see the prediction change.

Saw anything strange? Leave a feedback directly within Giskard, so that your team can explore the query that generated the faulty result. Designed for both tech and business users, Giskard is super intuitive to use! πŸ‘Œ

And of course, Giskard works with any model, any environment and integrates seemlessly with your favorite tools ‡️

Why use Giskard

Inspect the model's performance

  • instantly see the model's prediction for a given set of feature values
  • change the values directly in Giskard and see the prediction change
  • works with any type of models, datasets and environments

Collaborate with business stakeholders

  • leave notes and tag teammates directly within the Giskard interface
  • use discussion threads to have all information centralized for easier follow-up and decision making
  • enjoy Giskard's super-intuitive design, made with both tech and business users in mind

Automatically test & monitor

  • turn the collected feedback into executable tests for safe deployment. Giskard provides presets of tests so that you design and execute your tests in no time
  • receive actionable alerts on AI model bugs in production
  • protect your ML models against the risk of regressions, drift and bias

πŸ„πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Workflow

  1. Explore your ML model: Easily upload any Python model: PyTorch, TensorFlow, πŸ€— Transformers, Scikit-learn, etc. Play with the model to test its performance.

  1. Discuss and analyze feedback: Enter feedback directly within Giskard and discuss it with your team.

  1. Turn feedback into tests: Use Giskard test presets to design and execute your tests in no time.

Giskard lets you automate tests in any of the categories below:

Metamorphic testing Test if your model outputs behave as expected before and after input perturbation
Heuristics testing Test if your model output respects some business rules
Performance testing Test if your model performance is sufficiently high within some particular data slices
Data drift testing Test if your features don't drift between the reference and actual dataset
Prediction drift testing Test the absence of concept drift inside your model

Interactive demo

Play with Giskard before installing! Click the image below to start the demo:

Interactive demo

Getting Started with Giskard

πŸš€ Installation

Requirements: git, docker and docker-compose

git clone
cd giskard
docker-compose up -d

That's it. Access at http://localhost:19000 with login/password: admin/admin.

πŸ₯‹ Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:


πŸͺ„Become a Giskard Design Partner

As our product is young, working in close collaboration with our first users is very important to identify what to improve, and how we can deliver value. It needs to be a Win-Win scenario!

If you are interested in joining our Design Partner program, drop us a line at

❗️ The final entry date is September 2022 ❗️

How to contribute

We welcome contributions from the Machine Learning community!

Read this guide to get started.

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