KIRA-digi project on planned land use in collaboration with City of Tampere and Gispo
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KIRA-digi project on planned land use in collaboration with City of Tampere and Gispo

The documents

The documents published here are backround information for creating future general land use plan for City of Tampere. The documentation contains these documents:

  • Conceptual model for the future general land use plan of city of Tampere, containing different reference documents, data sources, decitions, code lists and monitoring. The model is in Finnish and it does not contain all possible information. The meaning of the document is to give enough information for the actual database modelling process.
  • Core terms used in Finnish land use planning. Since there have not existed one publically available "Yleiskaavoitus" term document before, this originally for internal use aimed document can be useful more broadly.
  • Process diagram depicting the land use planning phases and what belongs to each phase.
  • Structural model where the zoning object is in the center and the other land use planning concepts are related to it. The model was created by Jarno Kinnunen and other city of Tampere personnel before the project and it was the starting model for the modeling work in this project.
  • Test data transfer instructions that describes how to prepare and transfer the Tampere planned land use test data to the open data model database.
  • Training material used in training the city of Tampere personnel for doing planning with the model

The SLD styles

The database model has been tested with the test database data and SLD styles provided by city of Tampere. See the SLD_styles folder for further description.

The database model

The database model is to be utilized in Tampere. The tables and the table columns are documented in the wiki. There are the following schemas in the database:


The zoning plan scheme that contains the core tables of the model. Besides the table for the plan there are tables for the zoning objects and regulations, official documentation, diary numbers and background map. The tables contain also many fields required by INSPIRE.


The meta data for the planned land use. Currently the data is stored in a table defined by the JHS 158. When the zoning plan is published, for example, in Paikkatietoikkuna that is Finnish national map service, then data in meta data table is used.


The tables in this scheme contain connections to the data that are needed in the zoning plan process. For example, there are tables for links to the documents in other systems as well as connections to other level spatial plans.


This scheme helps in creating visualization of the database data. Since there can be several theme maps in the published zoning plan, there is a table for theming. There are also geometry tables and connecting tables.


This provides views created from multiple tables used for visualization in GeoServer map layers.


The scheme contains parameters useful for carrying out the planning process correctly. A software should utilize these to help in the planning process.


Tables to work with the dimensioning indicators. There is a system that provides great visualizations for dimensioning indication values, so the connections to that system are also to be done via this scheme.


Various codings especially related to INSPIRE ones that already exist but also ones that are under creation process in Finland nationally.


Tables to related to INSPIRE. When there are more than one land use class or supplementary regulation class for a zoning object then these might be used.