Gisto is a Cross-platform snippets management desktop application that allows you and/or your team share code snippets fast and easily. Based on GitHub Gists Infrastructure which means you can use all your existing snippets by connecting your GitHub account! Gisto started as an attempt to fulfill the lack of a syntax highlighted and cloud synchr…
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Future of Gisto

Gisto next version is in the works, work can be tracked via v2 branch

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Gisto is a code snippet manager that runs on GitHub Gists and adds additional features such as searching, tagging and sharing gists while including a rich code editor. All your data is stored on GitHub and you can access it from GitHub Gists at any time with changes carrying over to Gisto

Gisto is now available to download on: Windows, OSX and Linux


  • GitHub integration
  • Gist tagging
  • Quick in-place editing
  • Drag & drop to create gist/add file
  • Search gists
  • Clipboard support
  • Revision browser
  • Change gist public/private state
  • UI Themes
  • Fast sharing gist with other Gisto users
  • 3 ways of authentication (basic, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and with oAuth2 token directly)
  • Offline access to gists (Will be integrated into full release)

and more...


Gisto authenticates to GitHub by using basic authentication over SSL and retrieving an oAuth2 token. Thus the need for your GitHub user and password.

Gisto only saves the oAuth2 token received after authenticating and nothing else.

If you would rather to supply your own access token without providing Gisto your login details you may manually create an access token from the account settings at GitHub and login using the generated token.

This token will be saved permanently until you log out.

You can find out more at the F.A.Q. section


Please see v2 branch for upcoming version currently in development.

change.log of current version for more detailed info regarding new features, bug fixes and releases.

Made using

Gisto is made using various open source projects such as

Download and install

You can download Gisto at:

Other install options

via Homebrew cask:

$ brew cask install gisto

via Archlinux AUR:

$ yaourt -S gisto

via (Slackware):

# sbopkg -i gisto

P.S. If you really want - you can also package Gisto by yourself (See Docs section on Gisto site).

"Nightly" builds

Gisto "nightly" builds are automatic builds triggered by commits to "master" branch

Please note that these are not stable releases. Bugs are possible. Those builds lacks the usual installers you may get in the regular releases.

"Nightly" builds for all platforms are avaliable at:

Issues, bug reporting and pull requests

Please feel free to add a bug / feature request / suggestions to the issue tracker.

Pull requests are welcome as well.


See Docs section on Gisto site.




See setting up for development section of the docs.

Contributors and mentions

Maayan Maayan @MaayanGlikser
Sasha Sasha @sanusart