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# These 3 rules demand to add the s, m and x flag to *every* regexp. This is
# overkill and would be harmful for readability.
# This rule says that builtin functions should not be called with parentheses
# e.g.: (taken from CPAN's documentation)
# open($handle, '>', $filename); #not ok
# open $handle, '>', $filename; #ok
# Applying such a rule would mean modifying a huge number of lines for a
# question of style.
# This rule states that each system call should have its return value checked
# The problem is that it includes the print call. Checking every print call's
# return value would be harmful to the code readabilty.
# This configuration keeps all default function but print.
functions = open say close
# This rule demands to add a dependency for the Readonly module. This is not
# wished.
# This rule is not really useful (rather a question of style) and produces many
# warnings among the code.