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A FTP Server brute forcing tool written in Python 3
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LICENSE Dockerfile Update Apr 23, 2019 Update Apr 14, 2019

About FTPBruter 1.0

Brute forcing tool for FTP server. FTPBruter can work in any OS if they have and support Python 3.


  • Brute force a FTP server with a username or a list of usernames (That's all).

Docker Build

$ docker build -t xshuden/ftpbruter .

Docker Usage

$ docker run --rm -it xshuden/ftpbruter
$ docker run --rm -it -v '$(pwd):/tmp/' xshuden/ftpbruter

Install and Run on Linux

You have to install Python 3 first:

  • Install Python 3 on Arch Linux and its distros: sudo pacman -S python3

  • Install Python 3 on Debian and its distros: sudo apt install python3

    git clone
    cd FTPBruter

Install and Run on Windows

Download and run Python 3.7.x setup file from On Install Python 3.7, enable Add Python 3.7 to PATH.

Download and run Git setup file from and choose Use Git from Windows Command Propmt.

After that, open PowerShell or Command Propmt and enter these commands:

git clone
cd FTPBruter

If you don't want to install Git, you can download, extract and use it.


Run FTPBruter on Manjaro Run FTPBruter on Parrot Security OS Run FTPBruter on Windows 10

Thank you GitHackTools (myself) for programming this tool 🙂


Your brute force speed may depend on your ping, victim's ping, your internet. Don't brute force with a big wordlist with a small RAM.

Contact to coder

To-do lists

  • Check anonymous login.
  • Auto-change proxy with brute force.
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