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Build Status

GitHawk is the highest rated iOS app for GitHub.

0️⃣ Inbox Zero your notifications
📝 Comment even faster than on GitHub desktop
👍 The only app with emoji reactions!
⚡️ Native markdown rendering
:octocat: 100% free and open source


We are always looking for contributions from all skill levels! A great way to get started is by helping organize and/or squish bugs.

Highest Priority Needs:

  • 👩‍💼 Product Manager
    • We have some projects and tons of unorganized/unprioritized features. GitHawk needs someone to own the product direction!
  • 👩‍🎨 Designer
    • Like making unique UIs? So do we! We value keeping GitHawk's UX close to core iOS, but, when necessary, create our own high-quality UI components. Helping design for GitHawk is a great opportunity to try new ideas out!
  • 👩‍💻 iOS Project Management
    • There is a lot of low-hanging fruit with our project setup, test and deployment automation, build optimizations, and more! I (@rnystrom) have no idea what I'm doing here. Come point us in the right direction!

If you would like to test the latest changes, join the TestFlight beta by DMing your e-mail address to @_ryannystrom.


If you want to build GitHawk locally, run npm install.

To get started, you will need to install node (brew install node), then run these instructions:

git clone https://github.com/GitHawkApp/GitHawk.git
cd GitHawk
bundle exec pod install
npm install
open Freetime.xcworkspace/

This will install apollo-codegen that is required to generate the GraphQL models.

See the setup guide for details about API keys and environment variables.

Open Source & Copying

We ship GitHawk on the App Store for free and provide its entire source code for free as well. In the spirit of openness, GitHawk is licensed under MIT so that you can use my code in your app, if you choose.

However, please do not ship this app under your own account. Paid or free.

Why are we building this?

  • Push IGListKit + Swift to its limits
  • Better GitHub project management on mobile
  • Explore GitHub's GraphQL API
  • Scratch my Swift-itch
  • Create a real, complex app in the open