Quick & interactive iOS alerts in Swift.
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Show important alerts from the bottom of the screen with full customization control.



Just add Squawk to your Podfile and pod install. Done!

pod 'Squawk'


After installing Squawk, you can start displaying alerts immediately:

import Squawk

func onError() {
  Squawk.shared.show(config: Squawk.Configuration(
    text: "Something went wrong!"

Use the view param if you want to show the alert within a specific view.

func viewDidAppear() {
    in: view,
    config: Squawk.Configuration(
      text: "Peek-a-boo"


Squawk.Configuration comes with loads of options:

  • text - The text in the alert
  • textColor - The color of the text 🙄
  • backgroundColor - Background color of the view (note: will be blurred)
  • insets - Inset the text and button within the alert view
  • maxWidth - The max width of the alert view
  • hintMargin - Margin between the "hint" (top pill) and text
  • hintSize - The size of the hint pill
  • cornerRadius - Corner radius of the alert view
  • bottomPadding - Extra padding to add to subtract from the final y of the alert view
  • borderColor - Border color of the alert view
  • dismissDuration - How long, in seconds, to wait before automatically dismissing
  • buttonVisible - Set to true to show the "info" button
  • buttonLeftMargin - The margin between the button and text
  • buttonTapHandler - A closure to execute when the "info" button is tapped