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Awesome Indonesia Repo Awesome

Awesome Gitter Country

A curated list of awesome and amazing repositories created and contributed to by Indonesians.
This list aims to inspire others and hopefully give encouragement for individuals to contribute in open-source development.



Awesome List


Content Management System

  • Lentera - Indonesian Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Pusaka CMS - File-based CMS build with CodeIgniter Framework.
  • Elybin CMS - Sistem manajemen konten gratis yang berfokus kepada kegunaan, kecepatan, dan kemudahan.
  • Fiyo CMS - Open-source CMS built with a friendly design, fast loading time, and SEO-friendliness.
  • HTMLy - HTMLy is a database-less or flat-file blogging platform prioritizing simplicity and speed written in PHP.
  • Mecha CMS - Mecha is a flat-file content management system that carries the concept of minimalism.
  • PopojiCMS - Buat Sendiri Rasa Webmu.

Climate Change



  • Panada - High performance and simple PHP development framework.
  • Puko Framework - MVC framework for quick PHP application development.
  • IGOS Nusantara SDK - A SDK designed specifically for application developers in IGOS Nusantara.
  • EmeraldBox - EmeraldBox is a boilerplate framework for developing Python web applications with database access.
  • Scarlets - Multipurpose and high performance PHP framework.
  • ScarletsFrame - A frontend framework that can help you write a simple web structure.
  • Brutal PHP Framework - A simple PHP framework for vanilla PHP programmer with taste of Twig and Symfony Routing. Database and other component is up to programmer to decide.
  • Lunox - Laravel-Flavoured Node.js Framework.

Front-end Development

  • Bootstrap Markdown - Bootstrap plugin for markdown editing.
  • Marka - Beautiful transformable icons built for the web.
  • Mazer - Clean, Elegant, and Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template
  • Waves - Click effect inspired by Google's Material Design.
  • React Komik - ReactJS based comic strip creator using fabric.js canvas rendering.
  • Stisla - A free Bootstrap admin template which helps speed up your project and design your own dashboard UI.


  • Word Chain - Multiplayer word chaining game using AngularJS and Firebase.
  • KatanyaGomoku - Modified Tic-Tac-Toe using Java.
  • WhatsApp bot - WhatsApp bot insideheart basis linux.
  • Game Online Store - Online game store created with React Native.
  • Keking - Discord music bot made with discord.js.


  • unzipall - Unzip all zip files in src directory to dst directory.
  • Inflector - Inflector pluralizes and singularizes English nouns.
  • Imaginative Go - Web to learn Go.
  • Snowboard - API blueprint parser and renderer.
  • Shiori - Simple bookmark manager built with Go.
  • Proctor - A Developer-Friendly Automation Orchestrator.
  • GoTral - Go cenTralized config, for distributed software.
  • Clone - clone, file sharing with expiration.
  • Go-Payment - Payment module used as proxy for multiple payment gateways. Currently it only supports Midtrans SNAP and Xendit Ewallet and XenInvoice.
  • Excel2Json - Convert your excel or excel datasource to json easily.
  • Teleport - A simple tool based on Go to migrate git repository.
  • PHC Crypto - Password hashing algorithm based on PHC standard, inspired by Upash package from Node.js.
  • Design Pattern - Design pattern with Go
  • Gubrak - Golang functional utility library with syntactic sugar. It's like lodash, but for Go
  • Godong - Easiest dynamic http route handler for golang


  • juancuk-hs - Onion vanity URL generator written in Haskell.
  • blockell - Experimental blockchain implementation using Haskell.


  • Fido - Distributed Storage, Easily distribute your data accross disk/node.
  • Learn Rust - Learn Rust From Scratch


  • PandaJS - Pandajs is a library for create REST SERVER.
  • PhantomJS - Scriptable Headless WebKit.
  • jQuery Calx - jQuery plugin for creating formula-based calculation.
  • JVFloat.js - jQuery / Zepto plugin to emulate Matt D. Smith's floating placeholder text.
  • Meteoris2 - Realtime JavaScript Boilerplate base on MeteorJS Framework.
  • SimpleExcel.js - Client-side script to easily parse / convert / write any Microsoft Excel.
  • UAParser.js - Lightweight JavaScript-based User-Agent string parser.
  • jQuery Awesome Sosmed Share Button - Awesome social media button with share count.
  • Kinetic - Kinetic Scrolling with JavaScript.
  • Esprima - ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis.
  • PHUNT - Product Hunt Command Line Client.
  • React Simple PWA - Simple Progressive Web App Built with React Js.
  • Soya Next - An opinionated configured Next.js framework.
  • Angkot - A searchable Jakarta's public transportation routes.
  • Iyem - Simple implementation multi thread in Node.js.
  • react-electron-starter - A starter for create apps with Electron and ReactJS.
  • cra-universal - Create React App companion for universal app. No eject, zero config, full HMR, and more.
  • PodengJS - Simple JSON value normalization to make everything gone right.
  • SFDatabase-js - A database library for Browser and Node.js.
  • SFMediaStream - HTML5 media streamer library for playing music, video, playlist, or even live streaming microphone & camera with node server.
  • Serberries - Node.js live webserver that able to reload your script when running.
  • SFFileSystem - A filesystem library for saving files inside the browser storage.
  • SFIntercom - Communication between browser's tabs with same domain.
  • YouTube Musical Spectrum - A browser extension that offers audio visualization on your YouTube page with nice musical notes.
  • Simple Web Storage - Lightweight utilities that can make easier to access application storage in client browser.
  • Museum Indonesia CLI - Open source Show Data Museum in Indonesia via Command-CLI.
  • Data Wilayah - Indonesia territory data in JavaScript, so you don't backend/database.
  • Color Copy Paste - Figma plugin copy & paste color directly from your phone's camera to design plugins.
  • Aksara UI - Aksara UI is an implementation of Aksara using the React framework.
  • Malibu - Framework-agnostic CSRF middleware, for Express, vanilla HTTP, Tinyhttp, Polka, and more!
  • giscus - A comments system for any site, static or dynamic, powered by GitHub Discussions.
  • carakan.js - Carakan.js is a small library for converting Latin script into Javanese script, also known as Aksara Jawa/Carakan.
  • cabul - Cabul guide you to the NSFW world of reddit.
  • CariKerja - About Menghubungkan para Software Engineer kece di tanah air yang terpaksa harus terkena pemutusan hubungan kerja karena pandemi COVID-19 dengan perusahaan yang sedang mencari talenta digital.


  • AndKasir - AndKasir merupakan Aplikasi Open Source berbasis Desktop yang dibangun dengan teknologi Java untuk kebutuhan retail perusahaan menengah dalam mengatur aktifitas barang masuk dan keluar.
  • KalkulatorPrefix2Digit - Kalkulator prefix 2 digit java dengan menggunakan struktur data Stack.




Gridsome Starter

Jekyll Theme


  • Belajar Git - Tutorial Git dalam Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Ruby Basic - Learning material for Ruby Programming Language, written in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Docs vuejs id - Dokumentasi Vue.js Bahasa Indonesia.
  • PUEBI Daring - PUEBI Daring adalah versi web ramah gawai dari PUEBI Permendikbud 50/2015.
  • TarungLab DDP1 - Kumpulan materi pembelajaran dasar-dasar pemrograman dalam bahasa Python.
  • Basic Go - Best E-Book Learn Go in Bahasa.
  • Python101 - Python beginner workshop material.
  • Dart - Belajar contoh struktur data, algoritma dan komputasi matematika yang diimplementasikan dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman Dart.

Linux Software

  • KBBI Qt - KBBI Qt adalah aplikasi Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia berbasis GUI.
  • Frost Plank Theme - Quite dark Plank theme.
  • Blitz CLI - A command line app to check cgv blitz movie seats.
  • Manokwari - A desktop shell for GNOME 3 with GTK+ and HTML5 frontend.
  • AndKamus - Aplikasi kamus Bahasa Indonesia - Bahasa Inggris berbasis CLI dikembangkan dengan C++.


  • PHP-BOOTSTRAP - Simple design templates framework together with the famous bootstrap.
  • Simple PHP Excel - Easily parse / convert / write any Microsoft Excel.
  • Membership PHP Indonesia - Membership Application for PHP Indonesia.
  • playCMS - Web-based Mobile Portal System that it can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway.
  • Terbilang - Convert numbers into words in Indonesian language.
  • SLiMS 8 Akasia - SLiMS is free open source software for library resources management and administration.
  • cURL Lib - Simple Wrapper for cURL.
  • ovoid - Unofficial OVO API Wrapper.
  • MIKHMON - MikroTik Hotspot Monitor - MikroTik Hotspot Monitor adalah aplikasi berbasis web (MikroTik API PHP class) untuk membantu manajemen Hotspot MikroTik. Khususnya MikroTik yang tidak mendukung User Manager.
  • Pub/Sub Redis for PHP - Implementasi Publisher-Subscriber Pattern pada PHP menggunakan Redis.
  • PHP-Spellchecker - Spellchecker atau Typo detector menggunakan PHP. Tersedia juga assets dictionary untuk Bahasa Indonesia.
  • PHP-SimpleScanDirektori - Scan direktori sederhana menggunakan php untuk pencarian direktori yang sensitif.
  • PHP-E-Commerce - E-Commerce sederhana, terdapat fitur daftar,login dan profile.
  • R_CRUD - CRUD PHP Plugins. Fungsi CRUD untuk mempermudah scripting yang berhubungan dengan CRUD.




  • Slim Starter - Starter Application built on Slim Framework in MVC (and HMVC) environment.
  • Boilerplate Slim 3 - Boilerplate for getting started with Slim Framework.



  • Yii2 Admin - Auth manager for Yii2 (RBAC Manager).


  • WP Slack - This plugin allows you to send notifications to Slack channels when certain events in WordPress occur.
  • Minimalist - A Material Colorscheme Darker for Vim.
  • mpv-discordRPC - A mpv media player lua script for Discord RPC integration.


  • WordGraph - Weighting word frequency graph.
  • fasttext - A Python interface for Facebook fastText.
  • HSR - Hand signals recognition using Convolutional Neural Network implemented in TensorFlow.
  • KBBI Python - Modul Python untuk mengambil entri sebuah kata/frase dalam KBBI Daring.
  • Excel2api - Convert your excel data as api.
  • Simple Face Recognition - Simple face recognition with example.
  • Corona data api - Corona data api with realtime data.
  • Generate Random Password - Generate your random password and send it via Gmail.
  • PDDIKTI.kemdikbud - Unofficial pddikti kemdikbud API Wrapper.
  • Janda - A featureful Python library covers most popular doujinshi API.
  • Tomoe - A reliable doujinshi downloader for mankind.
  • Booru - Python bindings for Booru imageboards.



  • Musik88 - Komunitas musik berbasis kecerdasan buatan. Ditulis dengan Ruby on Rails dan beberapa perangkat lunak sumber-terbuka lainnya (Stackshare).


  • Belati - Collecting Public Data & Public Document from Website.

Natural Language Processing

  • Sastrawi - High quality stemmer library for Indonesian Language.
  • PySastrawi - Python port of high quality stemmer library for Indonesian Language.
  • Indonesian NLP resources - A list of Indonesian NLP resources related to language modeling, sentiment analysis, and more.
  • NLP Bahasa Indonesia Resources - This repository provides link to useful dataset and another resources for NLP in Bahasa Indonesia.


  • macOS Lion Theme - (Web) Static site theme with macOS Lion style.
  • Indonesian AdBlock Rules - Compiled ABP rules to block various ads in Indonesian based site.
  • Indonesia on Top Regional Repositories - Popular repositories in Indonesia.
  • Topojson of Indonesia - TopoJSON of Indonesia (Kota/Kabupaten Level), useful for data visualisation.
  • OpenRetail - Perangkat lunak open source yang dikembangkan khusus untuk bidang usaha ritel, grosir, toko bangunan, toko komputer, toko buku, counter hp, pos, point of sale, kasir dan bidang usaha lainnya yang sejenis.
  • Peta Indonesia GeoJSON - Provincial GeoJSON data for Indonesia. Useful for making choropleth visualizations for Data Science projects. (by ans-4175)
  • - An identity for developers on the web. (Subdomain)


Content Creator


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details. This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


A curated list of amazingly awesome repository created and contributed by Indonesian people.








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