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Yeah posting this
in the Holograph Emulator thread in RZ resulted in my 3rd infraction = week banned.

Ofcourse I do know that my 'position' there shouldn't allow me to fool a noob by posting an annoying link, but to infract me for that?
I don't know about that Dios geezer, but it appears that he's a common moderator & doesn't know about the section he's moderating at all, which someone as Jeax does know.
Even Mustek has affinity with 'habbo retros', but now someone without any knowledge about the whole stuff at all is shoved into an empty modspot of the HH section.

Well, about that final infraction, it was a link to a rickroll that's pretty annoying & forces you to close your browser.
I guess that it was my first unfriendly action against a noob, I've replied countless noobs with enormous posts trying to give them what they needed.
Now I was pretty fed up with all those people whining about bugs, while they aren't reading THE CRAPLOAD OF STUFF that I had typed at all.
'Pimp my server', well here you are, a rickroll link.
'I do risk an infraction though', and there's where Dios come in, heehehee an infraction, have fun.

Ofcourse moderators do have to make sure that everyone sticks to the rules, but it appears that noobs can create hordes of threads with fake stories & spam and don't receive infractions for it, just thread closed or a warning.
I'm in that section since Feb 2007, have done DebboProject V3 & V4 and three Holograph Emulators for you and then I make fun of a noob for the first time & it get's me banned.

Same applies to (I remember that it was Konrow), who infracted me for a 'double post' in the Holograph thread, the second post of the thread, which used to contain download links etc for readability FOR YOU.
I was rewriting that post due to the move to Holo C#, so I put 'I'm writing gtfo plz =] Aaron is a fag'.
Which resulted in my 2nd active infraction, because Konrow, who just got dropped in that section without knowledge about that section at all, wasn't aware of the normal usage of that second post, and didn't knew about 'Aaron'.
So, he infracted me for a double post & 'insulting other members', while Aaron isn't a member of RaGEZONE at all & his Otaku-Studios is ****** censored on RaGEZONE.

Moderators have gone downhill, that's what I wanted to make clear.
No offence at Jeax though, he knows what he's doing, he 'fits' in that section & imo he deserves the most respect of all moderators & users out there in that section.

I might be on summer vacance in 7 days )or if not, I could be doing other stuff ) so this could mean a pause of my input for Holograph until August 2008.
I might move to Otaku Studios though, Aaron might be a fag but the moderators know what they are doing.

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