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A simple Python program to "buy" and "sell" stocks based on the method described by theBrokeQuant
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Tenlo Stock Watcher

Based on the method described by theBrokeQuant.

Basic functionality:

Buy stock if:

  • Stock is above 50 day moving average
  • AND stock is above 100 day moving average
  • AND stock hits a new 10 day low

Sell stock if:

  • Stock hits a new 10 day high
  • OR price drops below 50 day moving average
  • OR price drops below the stop loss
  • OR have been holding the security for 10 days

Usage Instructions:

(will be updated when functionality is added)

Technologies used:


This is an ongoing side project intended to be a learning experience in Python, finance, and data science. All work is published under the MIT License.

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