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My attempts at learning Rust.
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LICENSE Update Sep 11, 2018

Squared's guessing_game

Build Status Build status

🎉 Now with autoguess!

> be me
> 3 am in the morning
> "i should learn a new language, been messin' around with javascript for >2 years now"
> go to stack overflow's 2018 survey results
> see rust is "most loved language" for 3 years in a row
> go to rust website
> low-level memory safe super blazing-fast open-source - whatever, f*cking take my soul already
> grab the book, start reading, make a hello world, make the guessing game example
> upload it to github
> party like there's no tomorrow

Autoguess demo

Current version includes:

  • Try to guess a random number between 1 and 100!
  • Beautiful CLI with colors and inline-prompts
  • emojis 😮
  • "autoguess": Let the computer play by itself (with gigantic numbers, while you're at it.)

Future versions will include:

  • modular architecture
  • server/client interaction over the internet so you REALLY CAN'T CHEAT bcuz the random number will be stored on the other side of the world
  • multiplayer with websockets
  • something with databases. like, the mongo ones.

Note: Of course all of this is ridiculous and pointless for a bloody guessing game, it's just for the sake of learning how to do these things i usually do in Node.js with Rust.

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