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Release notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Fix catching parsing errors leading to possible missing pages in generated book
  • Rollback markdown parser to kramed until markup-it is stable enough


  • Fix bug on Firefox when navigating to an url containing an hash
  • Update nunjucks to fix JS error when page contains a lot of templating blocks


  • Switch markdown parser from kramed to markup-it
  • Fix support of | in tables
  • Fix access to in templating
  • Fix i18n for website and PDF
  • Fix minor scrolling issues on website
  • Improve options of default search indexer (keywords, disabling per pages)
  • Improve pertinence of search results


  • Fix order of plugins during loading
  • Fix error when using math and conrefs
  • Fix target attribute for external links
  • Fix serve command


  • Always load themes after plugins
  • README/Introduction doesn't require to be the first entry in the summary
  • Highlight active entry in summary when scrolling a page with anchors
  • Support empty parts in summary


  • Fix redirection in gitbook serve when accessing a folder without trailing slash
  • Fix links/annotations for glossary not being correctly resolved
  • Fix regression for supporting uppercase filenames in structure files
  • Fix gitbook install when using Git URLs for plugins


  • Fix crash for anchor links


  • Fix regression in link resolution when contain anchor
  • Fix structure.<name> configuration not supporting filenames with dots


  • Summary can contain external links and anchors (Fix #776)
  • Summary can contain differents entitled sections
  • Glossary is generated as a normal page
  • Headings are no longer annotated with glossary terms
  • Themes are now published as a plugin, with ability to extend it from the book source
  • links.sidebar configuration is no longer supported, use summary sections instead
  • pdf.headerTemplate and pdf.footerTemplate have been replaced by a template in theme/book: _layout/ebook/pdf_header.html and _layout/ebook/pdf_footer.html
  • Markdown parser is now using CommonMark
  • Root folder for the book can be specified in the "root" property of the book.json file
  • Multi-lingual books share assets folder
  • YAML front matter is parsed and can extend page's properties
  • Fix uk translation
  • Fix heading ID including dashes
  • Fix error in code highlighting for unknown languages
  • Fix data-uri images being handled as external images
  • Accept SSH url as plugin version
  • Add templating blocks markdown, asciidoc and markup
  • Better search experience
  • Better default theme, more responsive and cleaner


  • Fix bug with filenames including spaces
  • Add Turkish and Catalan translations


  • Fix custom CSS that are generated by plugins for PDF output


  • Fix support for plugins generating custom stylesheets (styles-less and styles-sass)
  • Fix glossary terms being replaced in script (ex: math)


  • Fix regression introduced by 2.6.3 of single HTML tags in markdown


  • Fix parsing bug with inline HTML in Markdown


  • Fix gitbook.state.bookRoot, gitbook.state.root now has a trailing slash
  • Update nunjucks to 2.2.0


  • Use CamelCase for gitbook.state.innerLanguage


  • Close sidebar after clicking a link on mobile
  • Add root for multilingual books: gitbook.state.bookRoot
  • Fix color of h6 headings
  • Fix bottom margin of lists and blockquotes
  • Add Swedish translation (sv)
  • Add Czech translation (cs)
  • Fix locale names for zh-hans and jp
  • Update plugin search to fix crashes
  • Aceept case-incensitive structure files (README, GLOSSARY, etc)


  • Fix custom stylesheets for ebook generation
  • Trigger event start before page.change


  • Fix calcul of gitbook.state.root when serving HTML index as /


  • Font settings, sharing and search are externalized as default plugins
  • Plugins can define a configuration schema in the manifest, this schema will be used to validate configuration during build
  • New Node.js API for plugin: book.formatString(type, content)
  • New client side API for website plugins: gitbook.toolbar.createButton(opts)
  • Better header/footer for PDF, CSS wil be inlined to easily style the header/footer
  • Cleaner table of contents for ebooks
  • Support for RTL in ebook's table of contents
  • Better colors for mobi (links and code blocks)
  • Fix installation of plugins when using a pre-release
  • Fix support for pre-releases
  • Update asciidoc parser to remove git dependency
  • Fix templating in imported content
  • Fix querystring in image urls
  • Normalize heading IDs like GitHub
  • Use Arial as default font for PDFs
  • Add root, chapterTitle and filepath to gitbook.state JS API


  • Add ukrainian translation (uk)
  • Add book.json configuration for maximum size of search index
  • Improve reliability of summary parser


  • Default plugins should not be installed by gitbook install
  • Limit search index size to avoid crash during generation
  • Fix code highlighting for html without language specified
  • Fix warning message for gitbook version when building a multilingual book


  • Fix disabling of default plugins, ex: -highlight


  • Fix page being updated when user wants to open a link in a new tab
  • Plugins can now replaced default code highlighter
  • Add semantic information for screen readers (web version)
  • Content references accept absolute paths, resolved to book folder
  • Improve overall reliability


  • Fix bug in SUMMARY parsing preventing multiple entries without filenames


  • Fix blocks (like maths) in Asciidoc
  • Fix error when checking gitbook version


  • Fix black font color for ebooks (mobi, pdf and epub)
  • Fix ISO code for korean language
  • Fix korean translation
  • Fix syntax highlighting for asciidoc
  • Fix inline html escaping in markdown
  • Add warning for file outside SUMMARY
  • Force SUMMARY entries to be unique by filename


  • Fix nunjucks issue with multiple {% raw %} blocks
  • Fix crash when git conref failed
  • Fix crash when failed to download remote image (better error message)
  • Fix flicking effect when changing page (big UX improvement)
  • Add Hebrew translation (he)
  • Add utility method book.config.get for plugins
  • Hooks page:before and page are no longer deprecated
  • Remove webfonts to make website lighter
  • Make glossary's order case insensitive


  • Fix direction in code blocks (always LTR)
  • Add options chapterMark and pageBreaksBefore for PDF
  • Update code highlighting library
  • book.json accessible as config in templating syntax
  • Add Vietnamese translation (vi)


  • Fix error in calcul of levels in table of contents, error introduced a few versions ago
  • Add optional styles/print.css to replace print.css used in ebook


  • Fix {% raw %}, got confused with "fake" variable declarations
  • Fix title of language chooser
  • Fix the X-UA-Compatible meta tag
  • Move style sheets to the section


  • Fix gitbook init for SUMMARY with empty entries
  • Fix escaping of code blocks in markdown


  • Fix relative links in windows
  • Improve watcher in serve command (switch to chokidar)
  • Add Romanian translation (ro)
  • Add Finish translation (fi)
  • Add Japanese translation (jp)
  • Add Korean translation (kr)


  • Improve error logging (display file, line and column)
  • Add back support for options.originalInput
  • Don't process math in markdown parser (delegated to mathjax plugin)
  • Fix some cases of code blocks escaping
  • Fix i18n for introduction title in json format
  • Fix reload when book configuration is updated
  • Fix backslashes in url when building on windows


  • Fix page title of introduction
  • Ignore codeblocks when replacing glossary terms
  • Improve Unit Tests
  • Fix scrolling position in website when preparing page


  • Fix progress order in json format


  • Fix default generator for use programmatically
  • Add option "author" for html meta tags
  • Fix links normalization (content and hash)


  • Fix odd cases with code blocks escaping


  • Fix definition of entry point title using


  • Fix windows incompatibility
  • Add support for rtl (enabled by default for ar and fa)
  • Escape code blocks in markdown parser
  • Add Persian/Farsi translation (fa)
  • Add Arabic translation (ar)
  • Add Bengali translation (bn)
  • Provide generator name in template context


  • Fix links in sidebar
  • Fix normalization of html link (README to index)
  • Fix html snippets escaping


  • Improve locale detection for i18n
  • Fix chapter name for Glossary in pdf
  • Don't escape html in glossary items
  • Fix generation of multilingual book as ebook
  • Add "post" block attribute to post-process


  • Fix display of glossary in ebook formats
  • Add default footer and header to pdf
  • Fix generation of json format compatible with 1.x.x
  • Add Simplifiled Chinese and Traditional Chinese translations


  • Add es and pt translations
  • Fix replacement of glossary terms


  • Fix copy of files/covers
  • Add back finish:before hook


  • Fix copy of cover for multilingal books


  • Norwegian translation
  • Load plugins from book in priority


  • Fix init command
  • Update parsers to fix spaces in summary (gitbook-parsers@0.3.1)


  • Externalize parsing into gitbook-parsers module
  • Supports AsciiDoc and reStructuredText
  • Hooks for page (page:*) are now deprecated, plugins should extend filters and blocks instead
  • Hooks summary and glossary (after and before) have been removed
  • Exercises and Quizzes are no longer parsed in the markdown parser
  • Support for more markdown extensions: .markdown, .mdown
  • Templates are rendered with nunjucks instead of swig, syntax is almost compatible, there is some changes with contexts and filters. {{ super() }} should be use instead of {% parent %}
  • Clean output folder on build without removing .git and .svn
  • MathJAX is no longer a default plugin
  • SVG images are converted to PNG during generation of ebooks
  • i18n in website and ebook (ru, it, de, fr)
  • New templating syntax
  • Content references (both internal and external)
  • Glossary terms are handled during generation (also in ebook format)


  • Fix serve command, broken by 1.4.2
  • Add nicer dark theme :)


  • Force process.exit after builds, to prevent (possibly) lingering plugins


  • Fix command 'install' without arguments


  • Add command gitbook install to install plugins from book.json
  • package.json is no longer necessary


  • Add glossary to ebooks
  • Fix autocover with new hook "finish:before"
  • Add X-UA-Compatible meta tag for IE


  • Fix parsing of lexed content using the client library


  • ePub files are now passing validation from epubcheck
  • Fix replacement of multiple glossary terms in a single sentence
  • Fix on windows deep relative links
  • Fix search indexer


  • Fix error with links in markdown


  • Bundle gitbook parsing library as a client side library in gitbook.js and gitbook.min.js


  • Improvements on ebook generation
  • Fix incorrect follow of links in ebook generation
  • Move Table of Contents at the beginning of the ebook
  • Update to last highlight.js (includes Swift)
  • Includes of templates and variables (from book.json)


  • Rewrite quiz logic to be more robust
  • Improve integration of glossary
  • Improve generation of ebook by using a multiple HTML pages input source
  • Fix incorrect page breaks after h1 and h2 divs
  • New options to set header and footer in PDF generation


  • Plugins can now extend the ebook generation (pdf, epub, mobi)
  • Update kramed to version 0.4.3


  • Update mathjax plugin and MathJAx to version 2.4
  • Update highlight.js to 8.2.0


  • Update mathjax plugin, fixes issues with inline math rendering (no longer wanted)


  • New inline math convention (kramdown's), using $$ rather than $ as delimiters
  • Fix instapaper sharing
  • The exercises & quizzes plugins are now by default


  • New design
  • Support for glossary
  • Support for sharing to instapaper
  • Support for footnotes


  • Update fs-extra to 0.10.0 (fixes potential race conditions)


  • Add page break in ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) between chapters/articles
  • Start using kramed instead of marked
  • Fix display of inline math
  • Switch to graceful-fs to fix EMFILE errors
  • Add sharing to


  • Support generating a plugin's book info dynamically
  • Improve navigation on dark theme
  • Improve path normalization when parsing


  • Generate header id the same as github
  • Custom links can be added at top of sidebar
  • Summary can now be transformed by plugins
  • Support importing code snippets