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Disqus comments for GitBook


To use the Disqus plugin in your Gitbook project, add the disqus plugin to the book.json file, along with your shortname (you create a shortname for disqus by creating a new website on the disqus.com website)

    "plugins": ["disqus"],
    "pluginsConfig": {
        "disqus": {
            "shortName": "XXXXXXX"

Disable it for a specific page

Using the YAML frontmatter, you can disable the Disqus comments thread for a specific page:

disqus: false

# My Page without disqus

Use custom page identifiers

By default Disqus use the window URL as the main identifier when creating a thread. You can set a custom identifier in the YAML frontmatter of your page:

  identifier: "some-identifier"