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Rousseau is a lightweight proofreader written in Javascript, it can be used in Node.JS, in the command line and in the browser.


$ npm install rousseau


var rousseau = require("rousseau");

rousseau('So the cat was stolen.', function(err, results) {

results is an array of object like:

    // Type of check that output this suggestion
    type: "so",

    // Level of importance
    // "suggestion", "warning", "error"
    level: "warning",

    // Index in the text
    index: 10,

    // Size of the section in the text
    offset: 2,

    // Message to describe the suggestion
    message: "omit 'So' from the beginning of sentences",

    // Replacements suggestion
    replacements: [
            value: ""


You can disable any combination of the following by providing a key with value false as option checks to rousseau.

ID Description
passive Checks for passive voice
lexical-illusion Checks for lexical illusions – cases where a word is repeated.
so Checks for so at the beginning of the sentence.
adverbs Checks for adverbs that can weaken meaning: really, very, extremely, etc.
readibility Checks for readibility of sentences.
simplicity Checks for simpler expressions
weasel Checks for "weasel words."
sentence:start Checks that sentence is preceded by a space
sentence:end Checks that there is no space between a sentence and its ending punctuation
sentence:uppercase Checks that sentences are starting with uppercase letter

Extend Rousseau

Example: Extend rousseau with a Spellchecker.

rousseau("Some text", {
    checks: {
        spelling: rousseau.tokenize.check([
            rousseau.filter(function(word) {
                return wordIsValid(word);
                level: rousseau.levels.ERROR,
                message: "Spelling error"
}, function(err, results) {


Rousseau use an internal cache for certain operations (tokenization, spellchecking, ...); this cache can be configured using the option cache:

rousseau('So the cat was stolen.', {
    cache: 100 // A maximum of 100 elements will be stored in the memory cache
}, function(err, results) {


We'd love to accept your patches and contributions to improve Rousseau (supported languages, checks, ...). Learn more about how to contribute in