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-"The Serpents of Abbathor": journal entry should not be set upon entering the Undercellar if quest is finished; shadows in the mines now give XP;
-"The Lost Son": in case the son was saved before talking to the mother the first time, she will recognise his presence and the quest will not be given first; the son should leave with the mother and not remain at the Friendly Arm Inn
-"Of Wolves and Men": quest should now be solvable regardless of whom the PC meets first; quest can still have happy end if werewolf was killed before talking to Aiwell; corrected misspelled name "Tonder" in Setup-AC_QUEST.tra; more journal entries added; PC can offer the werewolf's corpse to Thalantyr regardless of quest status; sword in the chest will have the correct description text.
-description for SLNG04.ITM corrected,
-items will only be installed if not present (instead of checking for BG:EE)
-update to weiDU v246

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