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Mar 14, 2019
update to v3.1.1
	-name of the "Black Swan Armor +2" (ntplat03.itm) fixed
	-(BG:EE): RING05.are from area AR25PB has 8 charges as per description
	-(compatibility) Pilar and Gheldehar: JAP detection fixed
Feb 5, 2019
Create ntotsc.ini
re-adding ntotsc.ini
Oct 31, 2018
Update to 3.0.1
compatibility with updated BG:EE DSotSC: no change of script Bear River area necessary
Aug 24, 2018
Update to v3.0.0
-additional comrades to Lamalha will only spawn together with Lamalha and not be present before
-ntotsc.tp2 changed back the name for compatibility reasons
-dungeon under Firewine Bridge: added solved journal entry and 500 xp if cleared (detected if loot from ar53pb.are is taken)
Jul 10, 2018
Update to v2.3.0 new component, some fixes and changes
	-resting with the sirenes should be like a real rest (renamed the cutscene as it didn't use the prefix "NT")
	-(German version) integrated Dachrisma's setup.tra corrections
	-Area "Northern Wood" will also be revealed if quest for Fey'Doch's bow was given by Tanar'Ri
	-"Keelor the Dwarf" now includes his sister Nasha, too (in Temple of Umberlee)
	-new component: "Fighting Encounters" some of the mere fighting encounters were moved into this new component
	-Ordolath won't drop his whole inventory any more
	-Krotan is now Ogre-Mage (changed animation)
	-AR82PB.are, Container0 ("Bookshelf"): fall detection changed to 90, trap removal to 101
	-tuned down the non-detectable traps:
		-Krotan's crypt (AR34PB.are): removed trap at the entrance and changed one of the other ones to "miscast Magic" trap.
		-Haeball (AR9001, AR9002): traps on containers changed to 90/90. Trap in cellar is removable for 101
		-Temple of the Black Hand (AR61PB): removed arrows of detonation from cultist archers. Moved trap with fireball away from entrance point
	-update to WeiDU v246
Mar 2, 2018
Update to 2.2.2 Fixed drop of Sarevok's Chaos Sword
Earlier intended fix is now active: General Ghota no longer drops
Sarevok's Chaos Sword.
Feb 27, 2018
Update to v2.2.1 - Fix random CTD
random CTD in areas hopefully fixed (amients and animations are being
copied to the override, spawn points and rest encounters were stripped
from suspicious creature files)
Feb 24, 2018
Update to version 2.2.0
Removed biffing
Moved Audio and Portrait files of Will NPC into according subcomponent
Added note to readme that new game needs to be started to see the areas
on teh worldmap
Update to WeiDU 244
Feb 13, 2018
update to v2.1.1 with minor bug fixes
-journal entries about symbol of Helm will now be deleted if symbol is
out of the altar
-journal entry about Pandris' information that the Orcs are trying to
into the temple will be deleted after defeating Ghotal
-Lenore's line after finshing the Montgomery quest is less hostile.
-update readme with information that bp-BGT-worldmap mod is only needed
for BGT
(-corrected spelling and added a line to the 2.1.0 changelog)
Feb 12, 2018
Update to v2.1.0 with worldmap for BG:EE and bugfixes
-BG:EE: bmp-worldmap mod is no longer needed to visit the new areas from
worldmap. Thank you to AstroBryGuy for providing this tweak!
-"dead rat" item no longer has a dead cat for description BAM
-Nadalin: after returning to his boat, he will ship the PC to the
island any time (even if quest is finished).
-Olivia now transforms as planned after receiving the potion of freedom
(spell wasn't copied into override)
-entrance to AR52PB.are now also accepts a light gem from a
not-yet-released BGII mod
-reduction of experience by 5000 points if Gotha's sword is brought into
the crypt   now plays correctly and is also announced as string.
-General Ghota will no longer drop Sarevok's chaos sword
-General Ghota at the entrance will teleport away during the fight, then
the player
has to fight the second one inside the dungeon ("NTGGHOT1")
-removed unused script ghotale.baf
-reduced number of cultists in AR61PB.are (temple of Black Hand) for
lower than hard
-AR51PB.are (dungeon in Firewine Bridge) exit to Firewine area now
whole party, as well
-Once entered Firewine dungeon, the scroll will disappear and the
will stay open.
-German version completed (two lines in setup.tra were still in English)
-update to weidu v243
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