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Library for guile-2.0

Add this directory to the load-path in guile

The utilities defined in thes package are
* (compat cl loop) - depends on 
  i) guile-syntax-parse :
  i) guile-coroutines   :

* The CL concept that are ported to the scheme environment are
  loop tagbody block and symbol-properties

* The symbols that are exported in loop are
  debug-loop  : use this when you dont understand the loop syntax error
  loop        : that actual cl loop
  return      : cl's return feature
  return-from : cl's return-from feature
  it          : cl loop it symbol e.g. it's possible to use it in all expression

* Destructuring is done with ice-9 match and if one keep out of using the 
  keywords in ice-9 match, everything would be as in CL's loop.

* It's possible do add an extension to the loop.scm that destructs exactly as 
  in ice-9 match e.g. in (loop for (x y) in l collect x), at a missmatch the 
  next on will be tried until the whole l has been searched, one can add a 
  condition for it to signal an error if there is a missmatch and so on. Poke 
  me to fix that if you are intereted.