A JQuery plugin to let HTML elements fade in and out while scrolling
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JQuery Scroll Fade Plugin

Apply this plugin to an html element and it will either fade in or out when you scroll.


Include JQuery Include scrollFade.js or scrollFade.min.js (recommended, if you don't want to make changes)

There are two methods you can use:

  • $(el).scrollFadeIn(offset, start)
  • $(el).scrollFadeOut(offset, start)

The offset and start values are optional. offset is the fade out way (duration): if you scroll the number of pixels set in it, the element will be faded in or out. Default: 500.

The start value tells when the fading should start. If you have an element which is outside the viewport on page load it might be clever to set the offset, so it fades in/out while the user can see it. Default: 0.

Example Usage

$(document).ready(function () {


This code is published under the Apache 2.0 license.