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Welcome to the Features

The .feature files contain scenarios such as :

Feature: Hindering spammers
  In order to own your brain
  As a spammer
  I want to try to abuse the system

Scenario: Fail to exceed level 0 daily quota of 2
  Given I am the registered user named "V14Gr4"
    And I am level 0
    And I already gave 2 items 1 minute ago
   Then there should be 2 items in the database
   When I try to give an item
   Then I should fail
    And there should still be 2 items in the database

You don't need to know how to code to read them, or even edit them !

The best part is that each line is automagically ran as code that either succeeds or fails, so that the developers know if they broke something or if their newly added feature is done yet.

We first write the specifications in those files, and then code until all's green !

You can read the latest run of all the features on our continuous integration platform, Travis.


The features describe how the server should respond to HTTP REST requests from a client, say a mobile app.

They cover :

  • registering
  • editing your profile
  • finding items
    • around various locations :
      • latitude / longitude (preferred)
      • postal addresses
      • IPs (that one randomly fails)
    • with pagination (to review)
    • filtered by tags (todo)
  • giving items
    • gaining karma
    • daily quotas
  • levelling up
  • picturing items, as the picture upload is done in a separate request
  • statistics (early stages)

That's pretty much everything this API offers right now.


To perfunctorily run the features while coding, use :

$ bin/behat --tags=~geocode

Because scenarios tagged with geocode use third-party geocoding services with quotas you might exceed, and subsequently get banned.

You can of course run the whole suite, but don't do it too often.


You should install the fortunes package. It's optional, as fun is.

As of January 2017, we have :

72 scenarios (72 passed)
540 steps (540 passed)

Running the whole test suite takes about one full minute. Travis is going to do it automatically for each commit and pull request.


Q: What's the tech behind that ? A: Behat runs Gherkin.

Q: It's unusual to test an API using Gherkin ! Why ? A: For some, I would not recommend it. But for that one, 5/5 would do again.


$ sudo apt-get install composer fortunes
$ cd <project root where composer.json resides>
$ composer install
$ script/reset_db_schema
$ bin/behat -vv --tags=~geocode
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