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Giveth bot

A matrix bot that handles everything from information to point dishing for the Giveth community.


  1. Follow this guide to get client_secret.json.
  2. install dependencies: npm install
  3. Create a matrix account using
  4. Create a bot_credentials.json file containing the username and password of the bot in JSON format. Should look something like:
  "username": "name",
  "password": "password"
  1. Simply start the bot using: node index


The bot is automatically deployed to Digital Ocean using Circle CI.

client_secret.json, bot_credentials.json and credentials.json are required files.


Invite your bot to a room and use one of the folowing commands:

  • !dish [# of points] [type of points] points to [handle] for [reason explaining why].
  • !help for more information.
  • !sheet to see the current rewardDAO sheet

Pull requests are welcome! Please run npm test before submitting a PR to ensure that you have not introduced any errors.