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Giveth Wiki

The wiki for the Giveth DApp, the Giveth DAC and everything else included in the Giveth Galaxy. A place to get into detail about concepts, explanations and guides./customize parts of the wiki, please refer to:


The wiki is accessible via this link:

It is built with using the static site generator mkdocs


Contributing content is very easy! Just edit the files contained in the wiki directory.

Please note: If you are a first time contributor to the Wiki, please talk to us on Riot first to get you started (#giveth-contributors)

For an introduction to markdown, see:

You can edit the files either directly on GitHub, or clone the project and push changes to a separate branch. It is possible to preview your changes directly in your pull request via netlify's preview build option.


Requires MKdocs and Material theme to test locally.

Usually the steps to be followed come down to:

  1. Install Python (and set the PATH environment variable)
  2. Install Mkdocs pip install mkdocs
  3. Install Material Theme pip install mkdocs-material

User Guide

See a detailed guide here:

Please Note: Before considering a new page, pls look at the Wiki structure and see if it fits as an addendum to an existing article or consider if your content may be suited for the FAQ, or the glossary

To add a new page:

1 - Create a new markdown file (.md) in a subfolder of /wiki/

2 - Add a new entry that points to your newly created file under the nav-section in mkdocs.yml

To add a new category:

1 - Create a subfolder in /wiki/

2 - Add a new entry that points to your newly created folder under the nav-section in mkdocs.yml

Visual Identity:

If you consider implementing some graphics, pls refer to the visual identity page for info on typefaces, colors, and the asset repository here:


To add an image first upload it to /images/subfolder/, then insert a link to the file in your document:



Please create shields from


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