Simple milestone plugin for liquid plading.
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LPP Milestone

Ethereum contract for liquid pledging milestone plugin

Welcome to the code for the milestone plugin for liquid pledging. This contract sets the rules for milestones on the Giveth dapp.

Table of content


  1. Click Star on this repo near the top-right corner of this web page (if you want to).
  2. Join our slack if you haven't already.
  3. Fork this repo by clicking Fork button in top-right corner of this web page. Continue to follow instruction steps from your own lpp-milestone repo.
  4. The rest of these steps must be done from your machine's command line. Clone your own "lpp-milestone" repo:
    git clone
  5. Change directories to lpp-milestone:
    cd lpp-milestone


Make sure you have NodeJS (v8.4.0 or higher) and npm (5.4.1 or higher) installed.


The lpp-milestone contract is published as an npm package for developer convenience. To include it as a dependency in your package.json run this from your apps root dirctory.

 npm install lpp-milestone --save

Run demo

This plugin is currently being used by the Giveth dapp. Follow the instructions on the readme.


Reach out to us on slack for any help or to share ideas.