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pragma solidity ^0.4.6;
Copyright 2017, Jordi Baylina
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
/// @title MilestoneTracker Contract
/// @author Jordi Baylina
/// @dev This contract controls the issuance of tokens for the MiniMe Token
/// Contract. This version specifically acts as a Campaign manager for raising
/// funds for non-profit causes, but it can be customized for any variety of
/// purposes.
import "MiniMeToken.sol";
/// @dev `Owned` is a base level contract that assigns an `owner` that can be
/// later changed
contract Owned {
/// @dev `owner` is the only address that can call a function with this
/// modifier
modifier onlyOwner { require (msg.sender == owner); _; }
address public owner;
/// @notice The Constructor assigns the message sender to be `owner`
function Owned() { owner = msg.sender;}
/// @notice `owner` can step down and assign some other address to this role
/// @param _newOwner The address of the new owner. 0x0 can be used to create
/// an unowned neutral vault, however that cannot be undone
function changeOwner(address _newOwner) onlyOwner {
owner = _newOwner;
/// @dev This is designed to control the issuance of a MiniMe Token for a
/// non-profit Campaign. This contract effectively dictates the terms of the
/// funding round.
contract Campaign is TokenController, Owned {
uint public startFundingTime; // In UNIX Time Format
uint public endFundingTime; // In UNIX Time Format
uint public maximumFunding; // In wei
uint public totalCollected; // In wei
MiniMeToken public tokenContract; // The new token for this Campaign
address public vaultAddress; // The address to hold the funds donated
/// @notice 'Campaign()' initiates the Campaign by setting its funding
/// parameters
/// @dev There are several checks to make sure the parameters are acceptable
/// @param _startFundingTime The UNIX time that the Campaign will be able to
/// start receiving funds
/// @param _endFundingTime The UNIX time that the Campaign will stop being able
/// to receive funds
/// @param _maximumFunding In wei, the Maximum amount that the Campaign can
/// receive (currently the max is set at 10,000 ETH for the beta)
/// @param _vaultAddress The address that will store the donated funds
/// @param _tokenAddress Address of the token contract this contract controls
function Campaign(
uint _startFundingTime,
uint _endFundingTime,
uint _maximumFunding,
address _vaultAddress,
address _tokenAddress
) {
require ((_endFundingTime >= now) && // Cannot end in the past
(_endFundingTime > _startFundingTime) &&
(_maximumFunding <= 10000 ether) && // The Beta is limited
(_vaultAddress != 0)); // To prevent burning ETH
startFundingTime = _startFundingTime;
endFundingTime = _endFundingTime;
maximumFunding = _maximumFunding;
tokenContract = MiniMeToken(_tokenAddress);// The Deployed Token Contract
vaultAddress = _vaultAddress;
/// @dev The fallback function is called when ether is sent to the contract, it
/// simply calls `doPayment()` with the address that sent the ether as the
/// `_owner`. Payable is a required solidity modifier for functions to receive
/// ether, without this modifier functions will throw if ether is sent to them
function () payable {
// TokenController interface
/// @notice `proxyPayment()` allows the caller to send ether to the Campaign and
/// have the tokens created in an address of their choosing
/// @param _owner The address that will hold the newly created tokens
function proxyPayment(address _owner) payable returns(bool) {
return true;
/// @notice Notifies the controller about a transfer, for this Campaign all
/// transfers are allowed by default and no extra notifications are needed
/// @param _from The origin of the transfer
/// @param _to The destination of the transfer
/// @param _amount The amount of the transfer
/// @return False if the controller does not authorize the transfer
function onTransfer(address _from, address _to, uint _amount) returns(bool) {
return true;
/// @notice Notifies the controller about an approval, for this Campaign all
/// approvals are allowed by default and no extra notifications are needed
/// @param _owner The address that calls `approve()`
/// @param _spender The spender in the `approve()` call
/// @param _amount The amount in the `approve()` call
/// @return False if the controller does not authorize the approval
function onApprove(address _owner, address _spender, uint _amount)
return true;
/// @dev `doPayment()` is an internal function that sends the ether that this
/// contract receives to the `vault` and creates tokens in the address of the
/// `_owner` assuming the Campaign is still accepting funds
/// @param _owner The address that will hold the newly created tokens
function doPayment(address _owner) internal {
// First check that the Campaign is allowed to receive this donation
require ((now >= startFundingTime) &&
(now <= endFundingTime) &&
(tokenContract.controller() != 0) && // Extra check
(msg.value != 0) &&
(totalCollected + msg.value <= maximumFunding));
//Track how much the Campaign has collected
totalCollected += msg.value;
//Send the ether to the vault
require (vaultAddress.send(msg.value));
// Creates an equal amount of tokens as ether sent. The new tokens are created
// in the `_owner` address
require (tokenContract.generateTokens(_owner, msg.value));
/// @notice `finalizeFunding()` ends the Campaign by calling setting the
/// controller to 0, thereby ending the issuance of new tokens and stopping the
/// Campaign from receiving more ether
/// @dev `finalizeFunding()` can only be called after the end of the funding period.
function finalizeFunding() {
require(now >= endFundingTime);
/// @notice `onlyOwner` changes the location that ether is sent
/// @param _newVaultAddress The address that will receive the ether sent to this
/// Campaign
function setVault(address _newVaultAddress) onlyOwner {
vaultAddress = _newVaultAddress;