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What is GiveyNation?

GiveyNation is a community fundraising dApp (Decentralized Application) in development that will run on the EOS blockchain, the application aims to solve issues with transparency and trust in the charity sector, we believe that donors should be able to see exactly where their money goes and the social impact it has made.


Barriers to entry into the charity space are high, trust is low and the marketing is dominated with very large inefficient organisations - there is no transparent and accountable method to move funds internationally with a complete feedback loop as to how they have been used, and more importantly proof that they have been spent in accordance with the donors wishes.


GiveyNation built on EOSIO, solves problems by addressing the inefficiencies and lack of transparency in the sector - the word 'transparency' is key as providing this means the the recipient of donoations could be anyone, or any organisation from an individual through to a larger organisation but they will all need to show that the funds given to them were used for what they were intended for. GiveyNation on EOS will track every transaction made by the donor right through to it's destination with proof, we plan to start with simple financial proof through to having full records including photographs, videos and receipt proof - this will build upon the in-built EOSIO arbitration systems

Airdrop Details

The total token supply will be 1,800,000,000 - the breakdown is as follows:

EOS Token Holders Launch Team GiveyNation Community Givey Ltd EOS Network Usage Reserve Capital
900,000,000 360,000,000 180,000,000 90,000,000 90,000,000 180,000,000
1:1 Airdrop to EOS token holders ex. TBC; Tokens to be earned by GiveyNation Community Network Used according to scale and requirements as the dApp is developed Future airdrops, strategic partnerships, innovation fund and marketing