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asynchronous ajax/php dynamic gallery
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donkeyGallery (v1.2.1)

donkeyGallery is an asynchronous ajax/php dynamic gallery with pagination and fancybox included, simple to install and use. With this tool you can create any galleries you want on the same site and on the same page.

Each gallery, once is configured, can be updated simply charging your new images on gallery dir.

To configure the gallery loading we provide a plugin that help you to create thumbnails, load images complitly dinamically and asynchronously. This makes your page loading faster!

Last Update

Version 1.2.1 -Bug fixed on jquery.donkeyGallery.packed.min.css


Version 1.1.1 - fluid style options added

Version 1.1.2 - two more style colors added: magenta and cyan

Version 1.2.0 - jQueryHDimg plugin added and responsive features added

Version 1.2.1 -Bug fixed on jquery.donkeyGallery.packed.min.css

Install and Use

In order to install donkeyGallery do the following steps:

  • unzip the download pack on your local disk
  • upload the directory "dnk-gallery" on your server, at the same level of your html page (when you want load some galleries)
  • include dnk-gallery/css/jquery.donkeyGallery.packed.min.css on your html page;
  • include jQuery on your html page;
  • include dnk-gallery/js/jquery.donkeyGallery.packed.min.js on your html page;
  • place one div for each gallery you want on your html page. Each div needs an univocal ID and must be leaved empty;
  • charge your images on dnk-gallery/images/ and create one directory for each gallery you are charging;
  • initialize and configure your galleries by javascript

Example of Javascript configuration

On the following code you can see all plugin options setted at the default values.

$(document).on('ready', function(){
      webservice : "dnk-gallery/php/gallery.webservice.php", // link to php gallery file
      galleryPath : "dnk-gallery/images/your-gallery-dir/", // gallery dir path. This option must end with a slash
      subdomain: "", // this option is needed in case of a sub-dir installation (see below more information about this)
      style: "default", // this option define a gallery style
      color: "default", // this option define a style color
      // fluid style (included from v1.1.0)
      fluidStyle: {
          active : false, // fluid style activation
          columns: 4, // columns number for fluid grid (accepted 1,2,3,4,5,10)
          responsive: false,
          imgReplacement: false
      // thumbnails settings
      thumbs: {
          thumbW: 150, // thumb width
          thumbH: 150, // thumb height
          thumbsGen: false // force to generate thumb each time and not only if is nedeed
      // fancybox settings
      fancybox : {
          active: true, // fancybox activation
          galleryGroup: "donkeyGallery", // this option define a group for fancybox gallery view
          linkClass: "dnk-gallery-link" // this option define a class for the fancybox toggle click
      // pagination settings
      pagination: {
          active: true, // easy paginate activation
          pageItems: 4 // this option define the items showed on each gallery page

Minimal Configuration example

$(document).on('ready', function(){
      galleryPath : "dnk-gallery/images/your-gallery-dir/", // gallery path must end with a slash 
      style: "squared",
      color: "gray",
      fancybox : {
          active: true,
          galleryGroup: "gallery-1",
      pagination: {
          active: false

Styles and Colors

On gallery plugin configuration you can use the following styles and colors:

  • STYLES: squared - tin-squared - circle
  • COLORS: white - black - gray - magenta - cyan

Installation on sub-dir

If you install donkeyGallery on a sub-dir of your site root, you need to specify the path of subdir (relative at site root), using the plugin option subdir : "/here/your/subdir/path/"

Helper Plugins

donkeyGallery uses two third party plugins: Fancybox 2.1.5 and Easy Paginate 1.0

License Caveat

donkeyGallery license is valid only for gallery code and not for the helper plugins included. To use donkeyGallery on commercial products, check the plugin licenses on their official sites.


See more complete documentation and live examples at

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