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jQuery plugin to serve double size images for hd displays
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jQueryHDimg (1.1.3)

jQuery plugin to serve double size images for hd displays

Last Updates

Added (on version 1.1.3) imgAssigment plugin option. See more about this options on relative chapter!
Added (on version 1.1.2) devForce plugin option. See more about this options on relative chapter!

Simple Usage

In order to use this plugin, be sure that you have right images for common and high density display. This plugin works with both image (original and double size) on the same directory. Remember that this plugin needs the suffix "@2x" for the double size images as shown below:

Original Image Name: image.jpg -- Double Size Image Name: image@2x.jpg

Include jQuery and jqueryHDimg

Once you have ready all images, then include jQuery and jqueryHDimg plugin in your document

<script src=""></script>
<script src="js/jquery.HDimg.min.js"></script>


To use jqueryHDimg for all images in your page, simply add this lines in your document as javascript code

$(document).on('ready', function(){

You can use this plugin also for all images inside an element

$(document).on('ready', function(){
  $('#divID img').HDimg();

or for one single image with specific ID

$(document).on('ready', function(){

or for all images with a specific class

$(document).on('ready', function(){


To have right sizes after image replacement you need to specify width and height with some css rules for each image. If you want, and use the default option imgReplacement: true, you can also use the plugin option autoResize: true (See below options usage) that resize larger image at the original sizes.


The following list shows the plugin options with the default values

  • imgReplacement: true
  • imgAssignment: false
  • densityLevel: 1.25
  • imgSuffix: "@2x"
  • addClass: false
  • autoResize: false
  • devForce: false


boolean - accepdet values: true/false - default: false

With imgReplacement:true the plugin works leaving the image unreplaced in case of common display and replacing it only if necessary.
This technique, in case of high density display, force the dom to load before the original image and then the double size one.
Replacement allow you (if you want) to use the auto resizing of the images, without any css rule.

With imgReplacement:false we provide the Assignment technique, that works charging only the image that is needed for the current scenario and not before the original image (with bandwidth consuming) and then replacing it, if is needed by the high resolution display.
For this reason you must put the original img url on a data attribute and not inside src attribute.
The plugin executes a media query and then assigns the right image to the src attribute.
So, if you use this option with value false, remember that you must specify the image url as in the following example:

<img src="" data-src="your/img/path/img-name.jpg" alt="image alt">

imgAssigment (from v.1.1.3)

With imgAssignment:true you can activate the assignment (see above about this) technique as the same of imgReplacement:false
With this option active you must use the following markup for your images:

<img src="" data-src="your/img/path/img-name.jpg" alt="image alt">

WARNING: if you choose the option imgReplacement:false or imgAssignment:true instead the default replace technique, remember that this cause a W3C validation error for the empty "src" attribute.


int - accepdet values: 1.25 - 1.3 - 1.5 - 2 - default: 1.25

This option allow you to specify a particular density to start the image substitution.
The default value is 1.25 but you can specify alternative values such as 1.3 - 1.5 and 2


string - accepdet values: any string - default: "@2x"

The default suffix for the double size image is @2x but you can customize this parameter with the option imgSuffix
You can use the suffix you want.


string or boolean - accepdet values: true/false or any string - default: false

By the option addClass it's possible to add a particular class to the double size img
The option accept boolean value (true and false) or a string used as class name. If you use true value instead a class name, will be used the default class hd-image


boolean - accepdet values: true/false - default: false

By the option autoResize it's possible to resize the image without any css rule.
This option is available only if imgReplacement is turned on true value.

devForce (from v.1.1.2)

boolean - accepdet values: true/false - default: false

By the option devForce it's possible to force plugin to load 2x image also on non hd displays.


See more usage example and documentation at

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